Townley Group International (TGI) provides logistics and freight forwarding services to the defence industry.

Our experience of operating within difficult and remote areas, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Fiji and Algeria, has led to us becoming a pioneering defence logistics agency, specialising in international war zone logistics.

With receiving stations in all major cities throughout Australia, as well as regional sites and overseas locations, we are able to accommodate clients all over the world.

Townley Group International specialises in international war zone logistics.
TGI can accommodate an array of major heavy-weight shipments.
TGI’s air charter experience includes assisting in the Northern Queensland Flood Relief in February 2009.
Our port-to-port and door-to-door transit times allow clients to make decisions based on a combination of cost, speed and service.
The GlobalEyes© system provides real-time knowledge of cargo and containers, 24/7.

Logistics and freight forwarding services for the defence industry

TGI’s services within the freight industry range from general customs clearance right the way through to chartering ocean vessels.

We provide a professional and extensive service for delivery of your cargo through a single point of contact in our customer service team. Our services include:

  • War zone logistics
  • Project / out of gauge (OOG) cargo
  • Freight forwarding by air
  • Freight forwarding by sea

International war zone logistics services

TGI specialises in providing international war zone logistics to clients working in Iraq and other major areas of conflict. We have experience of working on projects in these environments, which require in-depth planning and a great deal of attention to detail. We are also able to react to changes that may occur during a project, to ensure its successful completion.

Our service operates in line with your required timing and standards, including the coordination of services from ex-works to delivery, along with security.

Project logistics and OOG cargo for the defence industry

In addition to general cargo logistics, we offer project logistics and OOG cargo services. We can accommodate an array of major heavy-weight shipments, and provide a full range of logistics services for large-scale, heavy-lift projects, including thorough planning, project management and delivery.

We pride ourselves on delivering and completing our services on time and to our customers’ exact specifications. Our dedicated teams are experts in handling road, road and specialised air charter cargo movements, from origin to site in difficult and remote areas.

Air freight forwarding services

In most cases, air is the fastest and most convenient method of transportation. TGI provides solutions depending on the urgency of your shipment via our strong links with many of the world’s premium aircraft operators.

We can arrange for the transportation of all cargo, whether it’s a small, time-critical spare needed for a military vehicle, or heavy equipment needed in a war zone. We also organise the necessary air freight documentation and tracking processes, to ensure you have complete piece of mind.

Freight forwarding services by sea

Our freight forwarding services by sea are dependable and timely, thanks to our reliable port-to-port and door-to-door transit times that allow our clients to make decisions based on a combination of cost, speed and service.

In addition, our comprehensive list of strategic carrier partners across the globe enables us to provide space allocations and competitive pricing. Once your cargo is on its way, we provide updates in real-time, which allows you to optimise your supply chain.

Asset tracking and condition monitoring system for defence cargo

Together with Wavetrend, TGI has produced the freight forwarding industry’s first real-time asset tracking and condition monitoring system, called GlobalEyes©.

Consisting of an asset monitoring unit (AMU) and a network communications centre called the Information Management Bureau, GlobalEyes allows stakeholders in the logistics process to access real-time knowledge of the ‘where, when and condition’ of cargo and containers, 24/7.

The system’s AMU is equipped with a sensor suite that communicates with the web-accessible IMB via mobile, satellite, or through another unit via wireless LAN. Incorporating the patented integrated RFID solution, GlobalEyes uniquely combines GSM, GPS-based tracking with RFID monitoring and security.

As the system uses publicly available global communications networks, no additional infrastructure is required.

Customs and quarantine clearance and storage solutions

TGI offers comprehensive customs and quarantine clearance for import and export cargo, anywhere in the world. Following the recent re-location of our business to Yatala, Qld, we now offer storage solutions on a short, medium or long-term basis.