Radar 1957 has more than 50 years of experience in the design and development of top-quality, high-performance tactical holsters and duty gear. The focus Radar 1957 places on security and quality has provided the company with unparalleled professional experience and know-how, making Radar1957 a leading brand, recognised and proven on an international level.

The company is one of a limited number of official suppliers for some of the most prestigious law enforcement agencies and armed forces, both at home and abroad.

The Radar³ (Radar, Research, Resources) laboratory, made up of a team of highly specialised technicians, insures that Radar 1957’s products are designed and developed with highly advanced techniques, innovative materials and construction solutions which are then tested with the most extreme conditions in mind.

Injected polymer holsters with four safety levels. Thanks to the 2-Fast solution, the two integrated locking solutions can be activated simultaneously during the draw with a single, natural movement of the thumb.
Injected polymer holsters with up to three safety levels. Index finger activated locking mechanism ergonomically conceived to facilitates quick and natural draw of the weapon. Rotating lid to protect pistol and added security.
Tactical and duty holster in Polyform ideal for visible carrying in uniform both on belt or in drop-leg solution. Suitable for weapons with light / laser devices.
Developed in 'Dure-Flexy', the anti-riot gear offers high degree of strength and flexibility. The gear protects the end user from blunt trauma, it is knife and stab-resistant and flame-retardant.
Highly impact resistant with breathable, removable and washable padding. Quick locking system and three swivel points for maximum mobility. Foot and ankle protection increase safety.
Example of a complete duty rig with holster and accessories. Can be made in different materials while trying to follow a stylish 'Italian look' line.
Top quality premium leather concealed holster for belt carry. Supports the carry of different model weapons and adjustable carrying solutions.
Compact and snug fit around the belt. With trigger guard locking device. Adjustable belt loops allow for carrying at different heights and angles.
Examples of supports for different type holsters and/or accessories. Belt carry solutions in different sizes, leg supports in different shapes and MOLLE compatible systems.

This is why our philosophy is ‘inspired by extreme’.

Duty and tactical holsters

Radar 1957 produces several high-performance professional duty and tactical holsters for extreme use. The holsters are developed using injected polymer, a latest generation techno-polymer that is un-deformable and indestructible, with up to four retention levels of security.

The 2-Fast EXTREME is a professional duty holster integrating two automatic safety systems into a single device that can be activated with a simple movement of the thumb. The first is the Rotoloop-S system, an external weapon protection strap with an automatic, spring-loaded, rotating closing and opening mechanism. The second is the Evolock-S, an internal automatic self-locking system made in polymer and activated by the weight of the holstered weapon. It acts on the trigger guard, preventing the weapon from falling out.

The two professional holsters contain similar security systems and three things in common: maximum speed, maximum security and a simple weapon release with index finger. The Locking on the Eject Port (LEP) safety device is a weapon release device made up of an external side release lever connected to an internal support. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the system sets up a correct hand grip even during the drawing phase. The Rotating Locking Lid (RLL) safety device system is a protective hood that streamlines and facilitates the drawing, re-holstering and weapon locking motions.

Different advanced solution holsters are being developed by the Radar³ laboratory and research centre to satisfy the never-ending request by operational end users to carry their weapons with their preferred light solution. Depending on the level of safety systems needed Radar 1957 is able to produce and develop several types of holsters capable of housing the weapon and light module.

Ninja anti-riot equipment

The Radar anti-riot equipment supplied to the anti-riot units of various operational departments is highly resistant and functional equipment, essential to carry in high-risk environments, with effective performance. It is made of rigid and flexible elements assembled together to form a lightweight, flame-retardant easy-to-wear but impact-resistant solution.

All the elements that compose the system have an ergonomic design that improves the officer’s performance following the natural body movements. Leg and arm protections of the anti-riot equipment is developed in "Dure-flexy" a mix of polymers with mechanical strength and flexibility which are shock-absorbent and protect the body from external trauma.

Complete duty rig solutions and accessories

Radar 1957 offers several complete duty rig solutions tailored to the requirements of the end user. High-quality materials such as nylon, premium leather or high-performance polymers are used in Radar 1957’s belts and duty gear. Accessories such as magazine pouches, baton holders, and handcuff pouches are conceived, designed and developed with the end user in mind. Radar 1957’s prime strengths come from creating customised products by making specific modifications to its standard catalogue products or by creating completely ‘tailored’ new ones in an effort to satisfy the company’s customers.

Concealment holster

Radar 1957 manufactures a wide range of concealment holsters in different materials. All concealment holsters, whether made in, nylon, polymer or leather, are conceived to be carried comfortably in several different positions and with the lowest degree of profile possible. The range includes concealment holsters with different security levels of retention and different carry possibilities. In order to satisfy the numerous requests, end users have the options to choose between holsters that can be carried inside / outside the belt, inside the trousers, on the shoulder or on the ankle.


Radar 1957 devotes much of its research on supports and how different end users carry their weapons and accessories. The requirements of quick releases, of rotating modules of modular and integrated systems are ever-increasing. How holsters and accessories are worn stably and securely fastened but at the same time easily removable or quickly shifted to different positions and wear options is, in today’s difficult operating conditions, an essential part. Comfortable belt carry solutions, pivoting leg harnesses and compact modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) compatible wearing solution are all integral parts with the holster. The solutions Radar 1957 can offer are numerous and new developments are being created at a fast pace.