BLÜCHER GmbH develops and produces highly efficient filter technologies and protective clothing for the defence industry.

Our products are based on high-performance adsorbents, similar in principle to polymer-based spherical adsorbents (PBSA), and reliably filter hazardous substances from the air.

BLÜCHER GmbH has to date sold over 12 million CBRN protective suits or protective systems individually tailored to the user under the SARATOGA® brand name.

INTER-SERVICE RESPONSE - Terrorist Attack involving Chemical Warfare Agents in an inhabited area with many civilians. The situation calls for different services to respond – Police, Fire, Ambulance, Forensics, Military
PERFORM TO SAVE – Performing under IPE must not be a concern
ENFORCING THE PROHIBITION OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS - Inspections of chemical plants, storage areas and laboratories carry the risk of exposure to chemicals
FOCUS ON THE PATIENT – Wear IPE which does not add more discomfort than your normal operational suit
OPTIMISED PROTECTION - Personal Protection must be as unrestricting as possible
PRODUCT SOLUTION - SARATOGA® protective clothing includes overgarments, uniforms and undergarments as well as equipment accessories for complete dermal protection
MISSION-ORIENTED PROTECTION SYSTEMS - Personal experience in using our protection systems in live situations

Military, first responder, civil defence, fire service, police and transnational organisations (such as the United Nations and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – OPCW) in over 55 countries worldwide rely on the protective performance offered by these highly innovative products.

Customisable clothing for military personnel

BLÜCHER has developed special production processes that allow product characteristics, such as mechanical and adsorptive properties, to be individually adapted in order to achieve optimum adsorption performance for the respective application.

This combination of flexibility and individuality is one of the reasons why BLÜCHER maintains a technological lead in protective clothing with a filtering function.

Innovative technology for protection against hazardous materials

The SARATOGA® brand, which is based on BLÜCHER technology, is synonymous with the most frequently tested protective materials effective against chemical warfare agents and other hazardous chemical substances in the protective clothing industry worldwide.

Individual CBRN protective clothing made of SARATOGA® materials is used by military and civilian customers worldwide following rigorous laboratory and operational testing.

The benefits of SARATOGA® technology include excellent protective performance combined with a high level of durability and air permeability, which allows the clothing to be worn for a long period of time. This technology therefore represents the optimal balance between a high degree of protection and low physical stress with low overall life cycle costs.

The final result is a well-thought-through high-tech system, the protective effect of which has consistently proven its worth in terms of efficiency, flexibility and, above all, safety, for over 50 years.

Expertise and quality management system

One reason for BLÜCHER’s success is the close cooperation between interdisciplinary teams consisting of experienced scientists, engineers, textile and design specialists, in addition to employees with military backgrounds.

Furthermore, BLÜCHER undertakes extensive studies, examinations and tests together with internationally recognised specialist institutes, universities and laboratories. The results of this work provide impetus for further technical developments and highlight potential solutions.

Fully integrated engineering and design functions

The better the wearability characteristics of a protective suit, the longer it can be worn for preventive protection without risking significant losses in personal operating capability. SARATOGA® filter materials offer the wearer the best possible wearability characteristics thanks to their lightweight fabric, flexibility and high air permeability.

Irrespective of the target group and field of application: BLÜCHER cooperates closely with the client on design and functionality in order to ensure full system compatibility – from head to toe.