Smart Solutions (SSL) is a specialist manufacturer of aroma simulation systems for training military, search and rescue, security, law enforcement and fire service personnel.

SSL’s range of aroma simulators and aromas creates a realistic battlefield and training simulation scenario.

Battlefield aroma simulators

SSL has a range of seven mobile units capable of dispersing up to ten different aromas. The specialist aromas are infused into ceramic cartridges which are completely dry to the touch. The cartridges fit into the cartridge tray in the machine, where a warm air system blows the aroma into the atmosphere.

Battlefield aroma simulators for large areas

The most powerful machines SSL manufacture are the AROMACO 250 and 550 Specials which are capable of filling areas of up to 300,000m³ in minutes.

Aromaco 4 multi output aroma simulator
Aromaco 550 in the field during a training scenario
Aromaco 550 special in the field during a training scenario
Aromaco 550 special
Custom built aromaco 550 & 250

The aroma media used in the 250 and 550 simulators are aroma infused beads (AIB) the 250 can be loaded with up to 7½kg of AIB’s and the 550 can be loaded with up to 15kg of AIBs.

Multi-channel battlefield aroma simulators

New simulation products for June 2010 are the Aromaco 250/4 and 550/4 multi channel versions of the regular models. Allowing the use of up to four different aromas.

The aroma media used are high-intensity-infused cartridges:

  • Aromaco 250/4 255mm × 150mm × 1.5 Kg each
  • Aromaco 550/4 410mm × 150mm × 2.3 Kg each

Aroma simulator control options

Our aroma simulators feature numerous control options, including regular programmable timers, DMX, USB to PC control, dry contact, motion sensors, low voltage 12 v DC – 24 v DC etc. These options are available on all simulators.

Simulated battlefield aromas

SSL has developed a specialist range of simulated battlefield aromas, including:

  • Corpse I
  • Corpse II
  • Sulphur
  • Chlorine gas
  • Natural gas
  • Mustard gas
  • Burning electrical cables
  • Burning plastic
  • Burning rubber
  • Burning wood
  • Skunk buster
  • Cyanide
  • Fire
  • Mercaptan
  • Gunpowder
  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Explosion
  • Garbage
  • Sewer
  • Vomit
  • Volcano
  • Swamp
  • Rainforest
  • Nitric acid

Full MSDS supplied with each aroma. All SSL Aroma Simulators are guaranteed for five years on parts and labour. SSL can also custom build aroma simulation systems to fit in with any project.

Gas cloud simulation systems (GCSS)

Our gas cloud simulation system (GCSS) is designed to give a realistic cloud simulation from a translucent haze in the atmosphere to a dense cloud effect. The GCSS can also simulate a ground effect cloud or a cloud which hangs in the atmosphere. The cloud effect can be coloured to give a translucent colour effect, these systems can be custom built for specific projects or training exercises. They are available as completely mobile systems or systems for permanent installation.