ruag land defence services

RUAG Defence delivers advanced solutions for integration, maintenance and upgrades of land-based defence and security systems, covering areas such as vehicles and weapons, cyber security, and training for frontline personnel.

The company’s comprehensive portfolio of products encompasses unique subsystems and vital components for client operations throughout the world for both public and private organisations.

Advanced technological solutions to protect defence and security forces

RUAG Defence is renowned for delivering consistently high-levels of technological expertise in its solutions for tracked and wheeled vehicles, secure channels for communications and data, as well as realistic training for troops. In addition, the company is a respected provider of equipment and technology that protects personnel from ballistic and electromagnetic attacks.

The company’s services are grouped into five main areas, which are:

Virtual simulation.
An APC M113 equipped with SidePRO-LASSO in mission in Afghanistan.
Folded-out F3C ready for operation.
Gladiator harness with weapons simulator in live training.
  • Integrated solutions and services
  • Vehicles and vehicle systems
  • Communications, command and control, reconnaissance and radar systems (C4ISTAR) and Homeland information communication technology (ICT)
  • Simulation and training
  • Cyber security

Specialist services for combatting cyber threats

With cyber threats in ever-growing numbers and complexities, it is vital that defence and security organisations have a means to counter them. RUAG Defence delivers services that ensure protection from these threats.

RUAG Defence is a specialist provider of advanced solutions that combat cyber security and support critical ICT infrastructure through state-of-the-art capabilities.

The company’s extensive range of solutions covers operations and maintenance, upgrades, and integration of the latest innovations to ensure protection of sensitive data, communications, and personnel.

Vehicles and weapon systems for the military and security forces

RUAG has a proven background in upgrades, maintenance and integration of vehicles and heavy weapon systems, with experience having been gained in platforms used worldwide. The company covers design and production, upgrades, and integration of subsystems, with maintenance and support provided throughout the product lifecycle.

RUAG develops customised ballistic protection for personnel, sites, equipment and vehicles according exact customer specifications.

In addition, robotic solutions are available for unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) to perform operations in environments considered too dangerous for personnel, including as search-and-rescue, monitoring, reconnaissance, and clearance of explosives.

About RUAG Defence

RUAG Defence’s has a global client-base that includes the Swiss Armed Forces and international militaries, search-and-rescue organisations, security forces, as well as public authorities and civilian groups.

The company is developing in line with its strategy for global expansion that consolidates and increases its market position in Switzerland, France and Germany.

RUAG Defence has 14 sites in Switzerland alone, with additional operations and sales offices that include Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, the Middle East, Singapore, and the UK. The company is regularly developing partnerships around with the world with new parties and strengthening existing relationships.