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Tactical, Mobile and Portable Military Antennas and Antenna Masts

Trival Antene d.o.o. is a manufacturer of antennas, antenna masts and associated accessories with 40 years of experience in developing and supplying for military and civil professional authorities.

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Trival Antene d.o.o. is a manufacturer of antennas, antenna masts and associated accessories with 40 years of experience in developing and supplying for military and civil professional authorities. Beside a wide variety of standard HF, VHF and UHF antennas they can also provide specialised solutions and custom antenna designs as well as modifications of existing antenna models.


In the area of tactical and transportable antennas, Trival Antene offer a wide variety of wire HF and VHF antennas with power up to 1kW. The KUA family of HF antennas is composed of wideband RX or TX/RX antennas for short to medium distance communications. For VHF frequency range they have many different models starting from omnidirectional disc-cone type AD-17 to directional high-gain wire antenna AD-52.


For all mobile communications needs Trival Antene have numerous HF, VHF and UHF antennas. A family of tubular sectional antennas type AD-4, up to 8.4m of height and 1kW power, is available for HF range together with appropriate antenna bases. A selection of VHF wideband antennas starts from the AD-18 family and continues with special designs with shorter radiators and for marine use. For UHF range the entire family is completed with the center-fed antenna AD-18/E for 225MHz to 400MHz band. All mobile antennas are made of rugged glass-fibre technology with all the electrical elements built-in during the production process.

HF wideband wire antenna model KUA-35/5.
The AD-18/D antenna is wideband monopole mobile VHF antenna for frequency range from 30MHz to 90MHz.
The AD-17/B-110 antenna is a wideband VHF 'disc-cone' antenna, intended for tactical transportable or stationary use.
AD-44/BW antennas represent a family of wideband monopole whips, primarily intended for use with portable and handheld radios in VHF frequency range from 30MHz to 90(108)MHz.
Telescopic winch-driven antenna masts series STV.
VHF / UHF 100MHz-512MHz wideband disc-cone antenna for base station and portable use.
Versions AD-18/D-3512-HP and AD-18/D-3512-HP2 are capable to handle 200W and 400W RF power respectively.
Antenna AD-18/E Rev. A is our UHF 225MHz-512MHz dipole (centre-fed) antenna for vehicular applications.
Antenna AD-22/B-F is a special version of our UHF log-periodic antenna AD-22/B. The antenna is designed for quick field deployment having flexible dipole elements permanently attached to the antenna boom.
Stowage of the antenna AD-22/B-F is done within a fraction of time.
Family of tactical transportable / manportable antenna masts series STM.


Over the years Trival Antene has developed a large family of HF, VHF and UHF portable and manpack antennas, designed for use in harsh environments and meeting demands for highly efficient electrical properties. These include sectionalised whip antennas AD-25/C and AD-26/C, wideband manpack antennas AD-25/CW and AD-26/CW for manpack type radios and the AD-44/ family for VHF/UHF portable handheld radios. In this area they also have many customised solutions developed by customer’s special requirements.


Trival Antene offers three families of antenna masts: sectionalised – tubular masts for heights up to 12m; winch operated telescopic masts up to 18m and tripod-based lightweight masts up to 6m height. All masts are made of glass-fibre material (filament winding or pultrusion) and are intended for tactical or semi-permanent use with tactical HF wire antennas as well as with directional VHF and UHF antennas. Many accessories are available for mobile use.


Beside all these products Trival Antene can offer many other antennas for different needs: marine antennas for ship or shore-to-ship communications, a wide variety of base stations, mobile and portable antennas for PMR use, radio-amateur antennas for HF and VHF/UHF use and last but not least a family of ISM band antennas (2.4GHz) for WLL and other applications.

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    Telescopic winch-operated masts series are designed on a basis of many years of experience in development and production of antennas and antenna masts and on a basis of knowing and considering the needs and demands of the end users in the era of modern wireless telecommunications.

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