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Security Structures and Barriers for Personnel and Asset Protection

Mifram is a manufacturer and developer of versatile defensive products and fortifications that have been designed to safeguard against a wide range of threats, for use in homeland security, anti-terror, natural disaster, fire and chemical applications.

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Established in 1962, Mifram Ltd develop and design a wide range of anti-terror barriers.

Our modular and easily transportable products combine the latest innovations in protective, mechanical and civil engineering, and are specifically optimised for ease-of-handling and quick, simple installation.

Mifram has mobile anti-vehicle ramming solutions ranging from small vehicles up to multi-ton trucks.

We place a heavy emphasis on delivering reliable, cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions tailored to customers’ individual needs and intended deployment environment.

Our innovative modular vehicle barrier uses a simple L-shape structure to neutralise a hostile vehicle’s impact by rapidly transferring forward momentum into downward momentum.
The company is able to deliver a number of modular and cost-effective crowd control solutions that are simple to erect, relocate and dismantle as necessary.
Our wall structures are constructed from robust, lightweight galvenised steel and can be filled with any readily available inert substance once onsite, allowing for easy transportation and storage.

Fortified enclosures for military personnel protection

Mifram is able to provide an extensive range of mobile and static observation platforms, check posts and guard towers in both bulletproof and non-bulletproof types, differing in height, size and degree of fortification depending on client specifications.

Our Mantis observation post is an armoured platform that can be brought directly into the field via truck and erected in just 15 minutes to provide a high-quality, mobile surveillance structure during critical scenarios.

The Mantis is available in 6m, 8m and 10m height variants, making it the ideal solution for addressing changing operational requirements in real-time. Guard towers can be customised with additional features such as air-conditioning, advanced firing systems and searchlights upon request.

Additionally, Mifram provides detailed security engineering and consultancy services to enable clients to select the best security solution to suit their needs.

Static and mobile ballistic shelter systems for army sites

Mifram supplies custom-designed, pre-fabricated ballistic and blast shelters and partitions for easy mobile installation, which provide essential protection against direct impact from a number of potentially fatal threats, including heavy weaponry, rockets, mortar shells, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and car bombs.

Most of Mifram’s products are subject to field testing in collaboration with various bodies including the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and the Ministry of Defense (MoD), in order to ensure the equipment’s compliance with major international standards and regulations such as ISO 9001.

Blastproof wall surfaces for military applications

Our blast-protected wall structures are constructed from heavy-duty galvanised steel, and can be supplied in different thickness configurations and sizes according to the intended purpose to create partitions of up to 5m in height without the need for a wide base.

Walls can be filled with sand, gravel or any readily available inert material, meaning only the lightweight steel plates need to be delivered to the deployment site, and the system can be easily installed manually without any tools required.

All-terrain vehicle barriers for impact neutralisation

Mifram’s patent-pending modular vehicle barrier (MVB) is a lightweight, modular and easily moveable defence system designed to halt ramming vehicles in a minimally non-destructive manner.

Our MVB’s simple L-shape design can be deployed on rough and uneven terrain to defend even the most remote buildings and military sites, and works by transferring the impacting vehicle’s horizontal momentum into vertical momentum to rapidly end the target’s forward motion. The system can be used to defend against a wide range of vehicular threats, including cars, small trucks, tractors, quad bikes and motorbikes.

Robust safety barriers for controlling crowds and threats

Mifram’s Carmen crowd control barrier is a cost-effective crowd-routing and way-blocking solution designed to prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas by hostile persons and crowds, and can be used in both combat and civilian locations.

Barriers are easy to erect and dismount without the need for specialist tools, and feature an L-shape design similar to our MVB units that prevents unwanted removal and overturning by leveraging the targets’ weight against them once stood upon.

Similarly, our modular fence system (MFS) can be installed and dismantled in one or two minutes with little physical effort, and provides an innovative alternative to chain-link units and other police / event fencing solutions.

The barricade features a flexible surface that stops would-be trespassers from gaining a climbing foothold, and is easily adaptable to varying and unconventional terrains.

About Mifram

Mifram was established in Israel in 1962, and has since accrued more than 50 years’ experience in the design and supply of high-quality solutions for armed forces, law enforcement agencies, federal organisations and more.

The company has a full line of vehicle barriers and certifications from world-leading vehicle barrier standardisation bodies.

More than 850 facilities worldwide currently use our equipment, including those of the US and Japanese armies, the United States Marine Corps (USMC), the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), and United Nations (UN).

The company is recognised as an unlimited-volume authorised contractor by the Israeli Contractors and Builders’ Registrar, and the MoD, as well as a number of local and national government offices.

Since 2002, Mifram has supplied thousands of barriers to clients across the world.

White Papers

  • Mifram MVB-3X Defence Barriers

    Mifram's MVB-3X can stop vehicles of up to 7.5t at 30mph. The barriers have been internationally deployed since 2002, and can be used in any weather and on any terrain. Mifram's barriers are versatile, light and mobile, and can be deployed by one person.


Products & services

  • ESR: Expandable Safe Room

    Mifram's Expandable Safe Room (ESR) is a folding, fortified steel structure that provides heavy-duty protection from weapons fire, shrapnel and blast impacts.

  • Mantis: Guard Tower

    Mifram's Mantis guard tower is a fortified observation post and combat platform, which can be brought directly into the field and erects within minutes.

  • MVB: Modular Vehicle Barrier

    Mifram's modular vehicle barrier is a lightweight and moveable designed to help non-fatal stopping of intruding vehicles.

  • MSC: Multipurpose Security Container

    Mifram's Multipurpose Security Container (MSC) is a modular bullet and blast proof shelter structure intended primarily for military and security applications.

  • Protective Wall

    Mifram's protective wall structures are modular protection systems constructed from galvanized steel plates with internal supports, which are filled with sand or other inert materials.

  • Humidity-Controlled Dry Storage Facilities

    Mifram's Humidity-Controlled Dry Storage Facilities range offers total protection against corrosion, equipment degradation, and moisture-induced function failure when storing operation-ready military vehicles, tanks, APVS, mobile cannons, missiles, ammunition, radar, and electronics.

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