van crashing into  barrier

Mifram’s modular vehicle barrier is a lightweight and moveable designed to help non-fatal stopping of intruding vehicles.

The barrier is intended for deployment in combat zones, camps and installations, as well as for civilian uses, and is a non-lethal solution that helps stop vehicles and assists vehicular control without destroying the target vehicle.

Modular barrier units can be installed in any length required in order to create a barrier adapted for various road widths, depending on the users’ intended application.

The barrier is effective against vehicles that have been fitted with run-flat protection, as opposed to spike-based systems.

It can also be used in various terrains and weather conditions, and has been found to be especially useful on rocky, sandy, and rough terrain.

This exceptionally cost-effective barrier system can be stored in a compact manner when not in use, and folds up to conserve storage space, while allowing for easy access.

How it works

The barrier’s special L-shaped design acts to stop incoming vehicles by transferring the vehicles’ horizontal momentum to vertical momentum.

It is able to direct the momentum downwards into the ground in order to drastically reduce or terminate vehicles’ forward momentum.

The recommended stopping distance and number of barriers needed for any weight and vehicle speed are provided by Mifram as part of the service.