security container

Mifram’s Multipurpose Security Container (MSC) is a modular bullet and blast proof shelter structure intended primarily for military and security applications.


  • Bulletproof and blast-proof
  • Able to withstand NIJ Type-III threats
  • Upgrade to level IV available


The MSC has the appearance of a regular 10ft container, utilizing a design that allows for maximum mobility.

The entire MSC structure is housed within the framework of a standard ISO container so that when the outer doors are closed the product resembles from the outside an ordinary container, and can be shipped as such.


  • Easy to transport by truck or trailer
  • Upgradeable and customizable
  • Self-contained
  • Built-in insulation and HVAC systems
  • Built-in electrical systems

Wide variety of uses and applications

  • Armories
  • Cashier’s offices and bank teller
  • Mobile control posts and offices
  • Mobile first-aid posts and medical facilities
  • Accommodation units and sleeping quarters