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Non-Lethal Weapons and Simulation Solutions for the Defence Sector

AlmaDK is a leading manufacturer and supplier of non-lethal weaponry and simulation technology for military applications, including smoke grenades, smoke-puff charges and camouflage systems.

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AlmaDK is a leading manufacturer and supplier of non-lethal weaponry and simulation technology for military applications, including smoke grenades, smoke-puff charges and camouflage systems.

We possess highly developed production and engineering, construction, research and production facilities, and are committed to providing clients with cutting-edge solutions to meet their defence requirements.

Smoke-puff charges and simulation rounds for military training

AlmaDK provides a wide range of specialist ammunition such as simulation solutions for military and armed forces, including smoke-puff charges and gunshot simulation rounds for personnel training exercises.

We also offer smoke devices for camouflage and signaling purposes during operations in critical environments, as well as an extensive portfolio of supplementary equipment and accessories such as mounting, installation, storage and repair systems.

AlmaDK specialises in the development, fabrication and supply of high-quality non-lethal armament systems optimised for critical military environments.
AlmdaDK’s powerful 81mm smoke grenades create an effective camouflage smoke screen that lasts for up to three minutes, providing vital protection in hostile scenarios.
Our robust solutions are fully compliant with the latest ISO 9001:2008 regulations and are regularly relied upon by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Our innovative sound and light grenades are designed to shock and stun targets by delivering extremely bright and loud blasts featuring sound levels of 180dB.
We offer an extensive range of non-lethal grenades to address a variety of security needs, including sound, light and smoke types for critical enclosed environments.
We provide a large catalogue of non-lethal rounds and cartridges that have been carefully optimised for use in military training applications.
As an industry leader in the development of non-lethal ammunition and simulation solutions, AlmaDK regularly presents its products at trade fairs and equipment exhibitions worldwide.
Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest modelling technologies and heavy-duty fabrication equipment, allowing us to provide clients with a range of highly reliable, cutting-edge military products.

Our products are developed in accordance with ST RK ISO 9001-2009 (ISO 9001:2008) quality management standards to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Stun grenades for operations in enclosed conflicts

AlmaDK specialises in the development and manufacture of innovative and highly effective non-lethal military equipment, including sound, light, smoke and teargas grenades that are carefully optimised for use in terrorist neutralisation operations in enclosed environments.

We are able to provide bespoke upgrades to our existing inventory of solutions upon request, as well as a selection of consumable materials and accessories to address a wide range of client needs.

Our advanced products are designed in-house by a dedicated research and development division, which is equipped with a practical chemistry lab, engineering and construction office, as well as a specialist technical department to ensure all solutions are of the highest quality.

All products are extensively examined using sophisticated testing equipment to confirm their validity and mission-effectiveness.

AlmaDK’s reliable and high-performance armament systems are widely used by the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Armed Forces, emergency services and Minister of Interior (MoI) to provide vital personnel protection during deployment.

Advanced development and fabrication of non-lethal rounds and grenades

AlmaDK possesses a wide range of advanced equipment and machinery across its manufacturing facilities, allowing the company to continually design and develop cutting-edge defence solutions with high-volume production capabilities.

We make use of innovative modelling hardware and software during the research and development phase to ensure the accuracy and viability of our experimental designs. Our sites are equipped with robust and highly accurate metal-working devices for consistently reliable results.

Our facilities house chemical and engineering equipment for specialist orders, as well as versatile plastic processing benches and units for a wide variety of industrial applications. This extensive technology portfolio has allowed us to expand our product range and further improve the quality of our manufacturing processes.

AlmaDK’s specialist personnel are deployed onsite to perform each stage of the product lifecycle, ranging from research and development, construction and processing, to manufacture and sales in order to ensure products deliver excellent performance.

We are dedicated to regularly updating our product line with the most technically advanced solutions, and plan to perform a variety of different research projects relating to modern ammunition, pyrotechnic systems, camouflage and signalling devices in the-near future. Projects will also feature additional input from other research institutions and relevant specialist agencies.

About AlmaDK LLP

AlmaDK LLP is a recognised member of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s National Chamber of Entrepreneurs and has been fully accredited by Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education and Science for the design and manufacture of defence sector technology.

Our expert team consists of a versatile range of qualified specialists in the fields of chemistry, combustion physics, pyrotechnics and explosives, as well as servicemen and reserve officers with extensive experience in military science environments.

As a leading non-lethal military equipment specialist, we maintain an active presence in the defence sector, for example:

  • Participating in international armament and military equipment exhibitions
  • Holding seminars, presentations and other product shows at international forums and events
  • Involvement in intergovernmental commissions regarding military and technical cooperation
  • Establishing joint ventures

AlmaDK’s innovative products have been presented and showcased at a number of high-profile events worldwide, including:

  • ITECA 2006 (Astana)
  • KADEX 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 (Astana)
  • Kazakhstan Security Systems 2013, 2015 and 2017 (Astana)
  • CIPS 2013 and 2015 (Tashkent)
  • ADEX 2014 (Baku)
  • Arms and Security 2014, 2015 and 2016 (Kiev)
  • ArmHiTec 2016 (Yerevan)
  • IDEX 2017 (Abu Dhabi)
  • IDEF 2017 (Istanbul)
  • MILEX 2017 (Minsk)
  • Milipol Paris 2017 (Paris)

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  • AlmaDK - Specialist Products Manufacturer

    AlmaDK is a manufacturer and supplier of special military products. We have worked closely with law enforcement and military customers since our first day. Since 1998, AlmaDK has been designing, developing and manufacturing our products and serving customers from various government organisations, departments and institutions.

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