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Gun Tube Cleaning Equipment for the Military

The Niebling Company develops and distributes military gun tube cleaning equipment.

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Niebling supplies professional-quality weapon cleaning equipment to the military.

The company’s products are adapted to meet the individual needs of its global customer base.

Professional customised cleaning equipment

Niebling gun tubes are made to last, which provides customers with long-term cost and convenience benefits.

All Niebling systems are intensively tested and meet all challenges in Europe, Canada, Pakistan, the Gulf-Area and many Arabic countries. They have proven their reliance under severe conditions and various different operational scenarios.

The GUN FLASH Full Automatic Tube Cleaning System is sensor-controlled with adjustable cleaning and conservation levels.
Reliable and independent air pressure supply in the field is offered by the SmartComp® compressor for Gun Flash.
The aluminium transport case for GUN FLASH has compartments, which allow for proper storage for single parts during transport.
The Special Cleaner PULPO O.K. 70-U is a non-toxic and eco-sensitive fluid for outstanding cleaning and conservation results.

Gun tube cleaning system for long-term conservation

GUN FLASH is the only lightweight and small-volume, oscillating air cylinder gun tube cleaning system on the world market, which is based on full automatic sensor controlling so that cleaning, oiling and long-term conservation can be done in one stroke without supervision.

The software is controllable by a laptop and all cleaning modes can be modified to the customer’s requests in fast and easy steps, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe operation.

GUN FLASH provides automatic soil detection and intensive cleaning of critical spots for gun tube calibres 90mm-125mm and 150mm-155mm. Each brush unit is optimised for different calibres, compatible with all standard oils, and can be used with the same control unit and clamping device.

Very low oil consumption (approximately five litres is sufficient for around 100 cleaning cycles) is achieved by spraying constant oil layers with finely dosed air pressure. This process can be controlled by the operator.

GUN FLASH also exceeds technical requirements, such as ammunition chamber cleaning by using an optional adapter.

To complete the gun cleaning system, clients can also use the optional SmartComp® compressor, which serves continuous air pressure supply even in the field.

Mobile compressor to supply air pressure

The mobile compressor SmartComp® serves as an air pressure supply source and consists of an air pressure unit with oil cooler, providing operating pressure of 8 bar. It is powered by a diesel engine with operating energy of 24V / 3 Ampere.

The compressor is fixed removable in an aluminium transport case. The whole system can be run directly out of the box.

Highly efficient cleaning fluid

Due to fast-growing demands achieved by technical superiority and great success in the world’s armies, Niebling has developed special cleaning fluid PULPO O.K. 70-U.

It provides outstanding conservation characteristics, such as higher efficiency and lower consumption compared with existing cleaning fluids. Furthermore, the fluid is totally non-toxic and thus complies with all current environmental criteria.

The Niebling team is happy to answer any customer requests. Those who have any queries can get in touch with the sales team by phone or e-mail (please see below contact details), or make an enquiry using the contact form below.

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