Governments, armed forces and NGOs everywhere are demanding the right technology mix to meet their current and future requirements with the ultimate goal of 100% service uptime. Signalhorn helps them achieve these goals through secure, flexible and reliable solutions, including encrypted video conferencing, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), video monitoring, data transfer, secure networks and internet access.

Signalhorn provides clients in the defence and peacekeeping sectors with easy-to-use and install communication solutions through its range of on-site equipment.

Technology such as virtual private networks enables users to establish secure links to any site in the world for communications, even in remote locations and within agencies.

Secure hybrid communication networks and solutions

Signalhorn’s satellite, fibre-optic, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G capabilities are fully complementary. Hybrid solutions are renowned for their reliability and security, making them particularly well-suited for missions where clear communication is essential. Our staff is adept at efficiently organising and establishing secure network hybrid solutions to suit any agency or mission requirements.

Signalhorn provides secure communication networks for militaries and peacekeeping forces worldwide.
Our systems are easy-to-install and simple-to-use.
Our technical staff can even create hybrid technology solutions to suit mission requirements.
Signalhorn's deployment system networks are flexible to provide immediate response between different military units.

Our company has worked closely with service partners and military, government and NGO customers to create a range of flexible and easy-to-use systems, including tactical mobile and transportable satellite systems on a variety of vehicles. Signalhorn staff understands that it is essential for field deployment systems to be flexible in order to provide immediate and effective command and control between operational units and headquarters during manoeuvres or disaster response.

Encrypted communication networks

As a dedicated secure communications network supplier to governments, militaries are peacekeeping forces, Signalhorn offers customers the following benefits:

  • Secure and redundant single-source provider
  • Dedicated bandwidth and leased lines
  • Secure co-location facilities
  • Strategic global partnerships providing in-country support
  • Flexibility for changing missions
  • Real-time data transfer enables remote decision making
  • On-site service in remote locations

Networks for communications-on-the-move and remote locations

The mobility and ease-of-deployment of Signalhorn networks are ideal for communications-on-the-move (COTM), remote location and disaster response operations. Many Signalhorn customers require customer-managed networks that handle classified content daily, and can also support autonomous operation of customer networks in the field. Signalhorn can develop systems to support these requirements, in addition to redundancy through back-up hubs, networks and operations, either within a standalone network environment or integrated within a wider global network.

Support services for communications networks

Signalhorn provides customers with a dedicated support service for its trusted networks systems. Our technical staff can provide prompt, professional attention and flexibility to any service requirements to ensure mission operations are successful.

About Signalhorn

Signalhorn is a global provider of premium network services and communications solutions using terrestrial, satellite, and wireless technologies, with a 40-year history of continuous operations. The services and solutions we offer encompass end-to-end network design and management and include hosting and housing. Government, and NGO customers all rely on the round-the-clock, responsive services and dependable solutions to support mission-critical operations. With proprietary Technical Centers in Switzerland and Germany, Signalhorn customers benefit from secure and cost-effective connectivity via dozens of satellites and hundreds of points of presence around the globe.

Signalhorn has $250m in terrestrial and teleport facilities and approximately 90 employees. We continue to invest in these critical assets through equipment upgrades, specialized training classes, industry certifications and other means in order to design, manage and deliver complex, highly critical communications networks.

Signalhorn’s technology-agnostic, solution-centered approach enables us to integrate satellite, terrestrial and wireless networks in a way that best provides global mission critical and highly mobile communications between command centers and remote locations where troops and/or staff are deployed. Our highly trained employees work with more than 60 service partners in more than 130 countries to provide customers with an understanding of the culture, business practices, and local regulatory framework. This in-country regulatory and licensing support enables government and NGO customers to quickly navigate local regulations for rapid service deployment of secure communications networks.