Transparent Armor Systems (TAS) is an industry leader in producing independently certified ballistic and blast-resistant glass and frame systems, in particular, specialising in armored vehicles and architectural building protection applications. With more than 50 years of collective experience in armor engineering, design and security protection, we recognise the challenges faced by our clients and have created many innovative solutions in response.

As an established industry player with trend-setting state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, TAS facilities and products can be found throughout the Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. The firm produces high-quality glass and frame systems that feature the best optical clarity, zero distortion, maximum protection and durability while providing the industry’s shortest lead times.

TAS caters to customisation requests and can create individual ballistic-resistant glass and frame systems for specific designs, regardless of curvature, size or required protection level. Our customers will find access to a wealth of innovative solutions for their defence, automotive and architectural protection needs.

TAS is recognised as an industry leader in supplying various governments, law enforcement agencies, and commercial and civilian use vehicles.
We have provided ballistic-resistant glass for vehicles to clients all around the world.
TAS provides ballistic-resistant glass and frame systems catered to tactical armoured vehicles, marine and naval hardware and a diverse range of products for military applications.
Our vehicles protect the lives of servicemen and women.
At TAS, we understand that our products need to provide the maximum protection for our clients.
Our combination of efficient engineering and design ensures our ballistic-resistant glass and frame systems are of the highest optical quality.
TAS's high-quality edge seal is laminated by our autoclave, which protects the glass and PC laminate from chemical materials and moisture penetration.
TAS's automated production systems enables us to check each product can withstand our rigorous quality tests and standards.
Routine tests and rigorous quality assurance processes are administered through each step of production to ensure our products exceed our clients’ expectations.
TAS strictly enforces and adheres to the highest level of production quality and manufacturing standards as guided by the internationally recognised Quality Management System.

Transparent armor for tactical vehicles

TAS produces a wide range of independently tested and certified transparent armor, ranging from EN 1063 level BR4 to BR7 and from STANAG 4569 level 1 to level 4 protection. The TAS land warfare and ground defence products are utilised in armored personnel carriers and tactical military vehicles around the world, including the Middle East and Africa.

TAS also offers ballistic glass and frame systems for commercial liners, cargo liners and other marine crafts, that are durable, weather resistant, and provide 100% optical clarity while being easy to maintain. Routine tests and rigorous quality assurance processes are administered through each step of production to ensure our products exceed our clients’ expectations.

Bullet-resistant glass for vehicles

TAS’ extensive industry experience and close relationships with leading armored vehicle manufacturers have enabled the company to become a leading supplier of any OEM flat and curved bullet-resistant glass.

All makes and models of glass are available, such as sedans (Mercedes Benz S-class, BMW, Audi, and Toyota Camry), pick-up trucks (Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series), SUVs (Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Toyota Sequoia, Chevrolet Suburban/Yukon and Mercedes Benz SUVs), passenger buses (Toyota Coaster, Ford E350, GMC Sanvana/Chevrolet Express) and Cash-In-Transit vehicles. Levels of protection range from EN1063 BR4 to BR7 and NIJ Standard 0108 level II to level IV.

Ballistic and blast-resistant glass for buildings

The considerable rise in global terrorism, improvised attacks and organised crime has increased the need for security and safety for buildings, commercial spaces, offices, residences, airports, shopping malls, banks, train stations, hotels and other public or private venues.

With our tremendous global knowledge in the security and defence sector complemented by state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs, TAS is currently engaged in construction projects globally, providing ballistic and blast-resistant glass and frame systems to airports, banks, courthouses, law enforcement facilities, border patrol, embassies and private residences. With offices around the globe, TAS is able to respond to client enquiries and provide support in any time zone.

TAS product characteristics and features

  • TAS edge seal
  • TAS UV protect
  • TAS advanced light weight
  • Extreme temperature range glass
  • Custom design frames
  • Gun ports
  • Speak thru
  • Deal trays and package passers
  • Anti-theft / anti-intrusion glass
  • Durability
  • Mobile medical units
  • Sentry check posts and mobile boxes