TECOM Industries has over 38 years of experience in the designs and manufacture antennas and antenna systems for telemetry, SATCOM, asset tracking, electronic warfare, direction finding, data links and positioning systems applications. TECOM specializes in custom designs and modifications of standard products.

Military SATCOM and commercial antenna system design

TECOM Industries is well known for innovative antenna and system design. TECOM has won development projects from major prime contractors as well as government agencies. The core capability TECOM offers is an antenna system design expertise that can be applied to military, SATCOM and commercial applications. The company’s experience includes a catalog of hundreds of standard antenna designs that can be customized for particular applications. A long list of satisfied customers with several A+ ratings testifies to the quality and depandability that TECOM delivers. Close to 300,000 antennas are delivered every year with a delivery track record of more than 98% being delivered on time or early.

Tri-band antenna ground terminal

The RVT-3000T is the most recent addition to TECOM’s family of datalink products for military and homeland security applications. It is a portable tri-band remote video ground terminal antenna system that features a rugged antenna positioner assembly and three separate flat panel arrays that enable communication with a wide variety of UAV platforms, including legacy L and C-band systems as well as ku-band tactical common data link (TCDL).

The easy to use, lightweight system weighs less than 55 pounds and can be set-up in less than 15mins. The RVT-300T is field-proven with Shadow, Predator, I-GNAT, Raven, Pioneer, Hunter, and Sky Warrior unmanned aerial vehicles.

Portable ku-band ground data terminal

The GDT-2100 is a military-grade, lightweight portable tracking antenna system used for ground-based ku-band data link transmit and receive communication that is currently in active service with US forces in overseas operations. Used by mobile ground forces to exchange imagery and data from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) utilizing CDL (common data link) or other ku-band data links, the GDT-2100 also supports data link relay, and UAV command and control missions.

This standard COTS system comprises a 4ft antenna, ku-band feed, two-axis positioner, integrated control system, tripod mounting base and transit cases. The positioner features continuous azimuth travel and highly effective tracking using pointing commands derived from GPS positioning information. RF beam autotrack configurations are available for applications where GPS positioning information is not available.

This ruggedized, portable system offers reliable field-proven performance, at a low cost. In addition to future military UAV applications, this is an affordable solution for non-military UAV missions such as disaster monitoring, border surveillance, drug interdiction, and law enforcement.

Broadband omni-directional airborne antenna

The type 201564-3 omni-directional antenna covers the frequency range of 0.5-18 GHz. It is one of the smallest omni-directional antennas on the market today. Designed to be mounted on an aircraft, the antenna meets the environmental requirements for airborne applications. A separate radome is not required. The antenna is slant linear polarized so that it can receive horizontal, vertical, right-hand circular and left-hand circular polarized signals.