Bertin Instruments, a brand of CNIM Group, has been a key player in the field of industrial innovation for more than 60 years. Thanks to a unique, multidisciplinary expertise, Bertin Instruments develops leading-edge products and systems to meet the operational needs of the most demanding sectors, including defence and security.

The brand’s offer mainly focuses on three ranges of products: equipment for optronic surveillance and reconnaissance, solutions for the detection and identification of all Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats, as well as Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) platforms.

Remote gas cloud detector for military vehicles

The Second Sight MS is a remote gas cloud detector for real time detection, visualisation and identification of chemical threats, at a maximum distance of 5km.

Second Sight MS, standoff gas cloud detector.
SaphyRAD, multiprobe handled contamination meter.
GammaTRACER Spider, gamma probe.
SaphyGATE G, radiation portal monitor.
FusionSight, handled night and day vision enhancer.
PeriSight, night-vision enhancer for vehicles.

With its infrared sensor and database of 50 different gases, the Second Sight MS detects, identifies and measure the concentration of gases such as Toxic Industrial Components (TIC) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA). It also offers a unique gas-X feature to detect unknown, impure or mixed gas.

Perfectly adapted to both fixed and mobile surveillance, the camera can be deployed to monitor industrial facilities and major events, or be integrated into CBRN reconnaissance vehicles to support the Armed Forces and first responders in their delicate missions.

Dry cyclonic air sampler for the military

The Coriolis Compact is a dry cyclonic air sampler for microbial air monitoring and biocontamination control. As a lightweight and portable device, it can easily be used with a CBRNe personal protective equipment, as well as be moved to strategic places for indoor or outdoor samplings. Rugged and compact, the air sampler is also ideally suited for the Armed Forces and civil security organisations’ operational requirements, in case of potential or ascertained biological threats.

Multiprobe survey meter for security operations

Developed under contract with the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA), the SaphyRAD MS is a multiprobe survey meter specially designed for security operations to be conducted by the Armed Forces, HAZardous MATerials teams and emergency units. Thanks to a comprehensive range of smart probes, this versatile device can be used for dose and dose rate monitoring, as well as radiation contamination detection (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X).

Its ergonomic and ruggedised design have been specifically developed for use with CBRNe personal protection equipment (LCD display, large buttons, impact-resistant housing) under harsh operational conditions. The SaphyRAD MS also includes an embedded simulation tool for training without radioactive sources.

Day and night vision enhancer for threat detection

The FusionSight is a digital night and day vision enhancer providing smart fusion for threat and target accurate detection and tracking, during short or long lasting surveillance missions. This all-in-one device combines three viewing modes – colour low light, thermal and smart fusion.

Especially adapted to military requirements, it offers considerable visual support to the user thanks to a colour imaging sensor and a high-resolution thermal sensor which is able to detect human presence in any night conditions.

High-quality infrared camera modules

CamSight are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) camera modules being available in 3 versions: Infrared (CamSight IR), low power infrared (CamSight LP), and low light level (CamSight LL). Extremely compact, these rugged and lightweight modules can be integrated into the heart of any complex optronic system, and hence be precious assets for any surveillance application under poor visual conditions.

Easy-to-install and to operate, the CamSight modules are particularly intended for manufacturers and integrators to equip Unmanned Aerial or Ground Vehicles, Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) systems, etc. and enhance the operators’ surveillance capabilities and local situational awareness.

Optronic solutions for situational awareness during military missions

Based on a distributed sensor network, the PeriSight is a scalable, optronic solution for Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE) and Local Situational Awareness (LSA). Compliant with military standards, it consists in 2 or more camera modules spread over the platform according to an optimised configuration adapted to the user’s needs and the vehicle type. It can adapt to any type of armored vehicle.

Protection and surveillance solution for soldiers

Flexnet is a comprehensive protection and surveillance solution based on Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) operating over a self-healing Mesh radio network. This scalable, easy-to-deploy platform allows for remote detection, classification and identification of any threat on the ground, over broad zones and without dedicated infrastructures.