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CBRN Monitoring & Detection Solutions / Optronics & Optics Equipment / UGS Systems

Bertin Technologies is a French industrial group in high-end instrumentation that designs and manufactures, in France and in Europe, measurement, observation & detection systems and instruments for critical applications.

Every day, Bertin Technologies pursues technological advances in the fields of Nuclear, Defence, Space, Big Science, Life Sciences and Health. Its 600 employees share a desire for excellence, in the service of remarkable and innovative technological solutions. Its 2022 turnover amounts to 100 million euros. Based in Paris Region, Bertin Technologies Group comprises 3 brands – Bertin Instruments, Bertin Photonics & Bertin Health & Life Sciences – and has operational subsidiaries in Europe (Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland) and the United States.

CBN – Bertin Instruments

Bertin Instruments is the only French manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threat detection solutions.

  • Second Sight MS – Standoff gas cloud detector

Able to detect and identify a large range of gas, the Second Sight acts as an early-warning system. This sophisticated camera offers a unique gas-X feature for real-time tracking and localization of multiple unknown, impure and mixed gases. Including an infrared imaging capability, it is perfectly suited for night and day, 360-degree monitoring of an extended area, up to 5km. It can be mounted on a tripod, vehicle or pan and tilt system.

  • Coriolis Compact – Air sampler for pathogens detection

Coriolis Compact is a dry cyclonic collector intended for microbial air monitoring. Lightweight and portable, it can easily be handled with CBRNe personal protective equipment, as well as moved and positioned on strategic places for indoor and outdoor samplings.

  • SaphyRAD MSMultiprobe military survey meter

SaphyRAD MS is a multiprobe survey meter dedicated to defence and security operations in CBRN risk situations. Different configurations are available to best suit different situations for use: to lift any doubts, to search for sensitive material, for radiological emergency situations. It is equipped with a wide range of intelligent probes, and therefore can detect, measure and identify Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-ray radiation. It can also monitor the dose and dose rate received by the operator.

  • SaphyGATE GN – Gamma-neutron portal monitor

The SaphyGATE GN is a new generation of Gamma-Neutron detector that uses only plastic scintillators

combined with specific electronics and algorithm. It is highly sensitive and enables the effective and non-invasive fight against the illicit movement of sensitive nuclear materials, while offering an alternative solution to the use of helium-3

  • GammaTRACER XL2 – Autonomous Gamma probe

The GammaTRACER probe is designed for the continuous measurement, recording and retransmission of environmental Gamma dose rate values.

Optronics – Bertin Photonics

Bertin Photonics provides smart optronic products and systems offering night vision to vehicles and soldiers, for the detection, recognition and identification of threats.

  • CamSight is a family of OEM thermal core cameras designed to be easily integrated into complex optronic systems. CamSight brings an unrivalled night vision capability for USVs, UAVs, UGVs and vehicles, and comes in different versions:

CamSight HD – Equipped with LYNRED’s ATTO GEN2 infrared sensor, CamSight HD provides the best thermal image resolution on the market, which allows for digital zoom.

CamSight LP(HS) – Ultra-compact, CamSight LP(HS) is very low-power (less than 1 Watt) to be implemented even in constrained environments. The camera is equipped with the uncooled PICO GEN2(S) LYNRED infrared sensor. The camera is available in two different versions, CamSight LPHS (NETD < 30 mK @ F# 1/1.0) and CamSight LP (NETD < 50 mK @ F# 1/1.0).

CamSight LS – Ultra low SWaP, CamSight LS features an uncooled ATTO infrared sensor by LYNRED, designed for challenging applications. CamSight LS is the smallest OEM VGA camera available on the market.

  • PeriSight – Situational awareness solution for vehicles

PeriSight is a modular optronic solution including multiple viewing channels – color and thermal, offering automatic detection and recognition capabilities to the crew. By increasing night and day capabilities, it significantly improves Land Situational Awareness (LSA) and Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE).

  • FusionSight – Night & day vision enhancer

Fully digital, FusionSight is the world-first compact monocular combining two viewing modes – thermal and color low light – to be fused or used separately. This reliable handheld device is most efficient when used to unveil camouflaged enemies in operation.

UGS – Bertin Exensor

  • Flexnet – Unattended Ground Sensor system

Exensor is a Swedish-based, world-leading supplier of Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) systems and a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies. Designed by Exensor The Flexnet UGS system combine intelligence collected by seismic, acoustic, magnetic, and TI sensors to detect, identify and classify threats and targets. Flexnet is perfectly suited to military and civilian applications such as force protection, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), and monitoring of critical assets and sensitive areas.

White Papers


  • Second Sight MS Technology

    Second Sight MS is the only standoff gas detector for real-time surveillance & source localisation. It's the perfect solution for critical area surveillance and protection against chemical threats (Chemical Warfare Agent, Toxic Industrial Compounds).

  • PeriSight – DVE & LSA

    PeriSight is a network of imaging sensor modules offering multiple viewing channels (colour low light, thermal) and providing night and day 360° surveillance in a short range to enhance land situation awareness and driver vision.

  • FusionSight – Night Vision

    FusionSight is the first digital Night & Day Vision Device for threat and target detection. Developed in partnership with Photonis, this compact monocular combines a low light full-color image sensor and a thermal image sensor in a smart fusion mode.

  • ERMS Solutions

    Bertin Instruments, through Saphymo’s expertise, offers a broad range of sensors and turnkey network solutions to monitor radiation in the environment, including gamma dose rate measurement, spectroscopic analysis and air monitoring.

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