Saphymo, a comprehensive range of solutions for radiological and nuclear threats

Fighting terrorism has become an absolute priority for homeland and border security, especially radiological and nuclear threats. Current protection forces must prevent illegal traffic of radioactive sources through border control and be able to measure gamma radiation in the environment if a malicious act is committed. Bertin Instruments’s range of instruments developed with the expertise of Saphymo meets the specific requirements of homeland security and emergency preparedness. Saphymo’s range of products include:

  • Environmental radiation monitoring systems for surveillance and early warning regarding radioactivity and chemicals in air, soil and water
  • Dose rate and survey meters for radiation or contamination monitoring and measurement, in order to ensure the protection of workers and the environment
  • Radiation portal monitors (to detect very low radioactive contamination and orphan sources for vehicle, cargo, containers and pedestrians, for example at borders)

GammaTRACER Spider, gamma probe

GammaTRACER SPIDER is a gamma radiation monitor, designed for a fast deployment in critical areas, to cover the needs of first responders in an emergency scenario necessitating minimum human intervention in order to avoid exposure.

This device provides a reliable measurement of the gamma dose rate, with wireless data transmission to the crisis center, via proprietary UHF radio (SkyLINK/ShortLINK up to 100km/60 miles) or satellite. That way, the GammaTRACER Spider can transmit its data even if public telecom infrastructures are overloaded or affected by power breakdown).

Compact and self-deployable, the probe is easily deployed for radiation monitoring in a short period of time, which is essential for emergency use and roll-out in contaminated areas. The GammaTRACER Spider can be dropped out of a vehicle or pushed through a lock or outlet, in order to significantly reduce the personnel’s exposure. Deployment by parachute or by a remote-controlled drone is also possible.

The device operates autonomously and is capable of resisting extreme climatic and environmental conditions. Its built-in GPS, wide measurement range (20nSv/h to 10Sv/h) and rechargeable battery (operation up to four years) make the GammaTRACER ideal for extending quickly monitoring networks, in combination with other GammaTRACER or SpectroTRACER probes for example.

SaphyRAD MS, the newest multiprobe contamination monitor

SaphyRAD MS is the newest device developed by Bertin Instruments, designed for operation in harsh environments and use with CBRN protective clothing by non-radiation specialists.

This multiprobe survey meter cover most needs of first responders, as it associates a wide range dose rate meter and external smart probes, in order to perform source and hotspot search and contamination measurement. Its specific algorithm allows for a fast and reliable detection, with a built-in GPS and a wide dose rate range from 0.05μGy/h to 10Gy/h. The external probes can search high-sensitivity Alpha, Beta or Gamma contamination and gamma source.

The SaphyRAD MS also includes an irradiation and contamination simulation function in order to realistically train users without the use of radioactive sources.

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