night and day vision enhancer
FusionSight, handled night and day vision enhancer.

FusionSight is a world-first digital night and day vision device launched in 2016, that provides smart fusion for an accurate detection of threats and targets. Fully digital, this all-in-one device offers three viewing modes: it combines colour low light and thermal cameras, usable separately or in smart fusion.

Especially adapted to infantry chiefs and special forces requirements, this lightweight handheld device has proven its efficiency during operations facing hidden and camouflaged enemies in the field. It has been designed for night and day detection, recognition and identification at a distance up to 3km.

As it drastically enhances threat & target detection, FusionSight can also be a key device during investigation missions for quick or long-term surveillance tasks for the police and homeland security. FusionSight provides a substantial support for the search and rescue of casualties under wreckage and missing persons, even under limited visibility conditions. User scan magnify details thanks to its x8 digital zoom.

Designed for users and fully digital, FusionSight displays a picture snapshot application and can ensure live streaming on multiple interfaces, for long-term team operations. It also includes a GPS & inertial Measuring unit (iMu) for an accurate location, and an efficient battery for an autonomy up to seven hours.

FusionSight is the first handheld device of the industry featuring smart colour fusion of the images. A state-of-the-art colour imaging sensor powered by Photonis records the first image, providing a color image even in extreme low light conditions (~10mlx), without the need for any additional illumination.

A high-resolution thermal imaging sensor records the second image, detecting under any night conditions (up to night 5). Fusion Sight’s embedded real-time image processor selects automatically key information from each sensor, to ensure a vision at night in the dark even better than in broad daylight. These images can also be recorded and saved as digital files.

The smart digital fusion vision overcomes all the traditional limitations of each sensor: FusionSight detects with its thermal sensor through smoke, other obscurants and in deep night conditions, while offering an optical color low light image detecting through windows with a resolution allowing for a positive identification.

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