Myriad Technologies

Myriad Technologies assists the military and other enforcement agencies to deliver a highly capable SharePoint collaboration environment that works across network-challenged environments.

These environments deliver a fully federated SharePoint solution, which is capable of assisting a rich security context that includes releasability, classification and caveats support.

Information management solutions for military and enforcement agencies

Myriad Technologies leverages its close partnerships with Microsoft, especially SharePoint, iOra for replication and Nintex for forms and workflows to develop advanced, Enterprise-capable structured information management solutions.

Myriad Technologies' information management solutions enable easy information access and retrieval.
Myriad Technologies' solutions provide warfighters with the information they need to make accurate and informed decisions.
Our solution provides warfighters with access to their information on a range of devices, even when connectivity is limited.

These systems can automate organisational processes and be used across domain boundaries.

Secure collaboration solutions for warfighter mission planning and execution

Myriad Technologies’ delivers secure collaboration solutions to ensure information accuracy.

This enables us to enhance warfighter mission planning and mission execution, while conforming to government and regulatory authority requirements for document and records management.

Our solutions deliver a range of benefits to users and management, including:

  • The ability to securely use information through a fully integrated planning environment that enables discovery, sharing and collaboration across networks
  • The automation of repetitive business processes saves time and ensures correct processes are always followed. Flexibility within a set of controlled structures is permitted
  • The accredited systems ensure that security and caveat information management handling controls are correctly applied

About Myriad Technologies

Myriad Technologies is an Australian-based company that create Microsoft technologies and information management solutions. We have also employed our specialist technical skills to acquire extensive experience in the field of defence.

Myriad Technologies has collaborated with the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces to extend and improve their capabilities, both at home and when deployed in the field.