Observis specialises in the development of monitoring and control solutions for the chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNe) domain.

The company’s core capabilities are seamless system integrations, and genuine platform and hardware independency for military applications. This enables the company to offer customers the freedom to select the most suitable components for their systems in order to meet individual operational requirements.

Observis has a proven track record of integrating reconnaissance vehicle systems and underground shelter automation solutions for the defence industry. Key personnel within the company possess more than two decades of experience in the CBRNe field.

A column of vehicles at the demonstration.
Polizeifahrzeug auf Landstraße im Winter
In the System Control Room Operator and Administrator Sitting at Their Workstations with Multiple Displays Showing Graphics and Logistics Information.
In any urban area the fire departments and emergency response teams will conduct disaster preparedness drills. These HAZMAT team members are suited up with a protective suit to protect them from hazardous materials as they investigate this mock railroad disaster.

Situational awareness solutions for military applications

Observis’ solutions are built on the ObSAS software platform, which provides a comprehensive visualised operational picture for field operators and the operation command.

The ObSAS platform facilitates the interconnectivity of virtually any device or system, offering full flexibility for fresh new system configurations or the merging of existing systems and components into a new solution.

ObSAS offers full scalability and can be configured to meet the situational awareness requirements of a reconnaissance vehicle. It can also be used for a full spectrum nationwide monitoring network with multiple redundant control centres.

Reconnaissance vehicle solutions for the defence industry

Observis has capability and experience in delivering vehicle system upgrades and complete, turnkey CBRNe reconnaissance vehicles.

The company offers its services directly to end users, other integration companies, and vehicle manufacturers. With an extensive history in CBRNe, Observis understands the challenges and the operational risks and requirements of reconnaissance missions.

Ensuring the capability of successful mission execution and the safety of operatives are central to all Observis vehicle designs.

Critical infrastructure solutions

Due to its virtually limitless interconnectivity, ObSAS is the ideal platform for comprehensive building and infrastructure protection and control systems.

It integrates detectors, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems and automatic doors into a full automation security system controlled in one highly visual user interface. The device and system independence of ObSAS offers complete freedom to choose the best and most suitable equipment to fulfil the installation’s security design and specifications, from office facility to underground shelter.

Mobile detection solutions for military requirements

The networking of devices under ObSAS LINK such as portable detectors and sensors create a mobile monitoring system that enables teams to visually communicate with the operation command and colleagues in real-time.

With ObSAS LINK, team members and the commander share the same map-based view of the locations and statuses of the devices and personnel, providing military operatives with a tactical advantage on the battlefield.

Since many organisations are currently using legacy devices lacking wireless features but still in their operational prime, ObSAS LINK is providing a custom-designed Bluetooth adapter enabling networkability for virtually any device with a physical data port.

Observis Commitment

The team at Observis consists of young and talented personnel with extensive industry experience. The company always utilises the latest tools and technologies to ensure the longest and most cost-effective system lifecycles.

Observis is committed to delivering the highest possible value to its customers while ensuring that it remains at the peak of technology within the industry.

The company operates from its headquarters in Mikkeli, Finland, and has a sales office located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.