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RA Miller Industries

Advanced Antenna Systems for Military Applications

14500 168th Avenue,
Grand Haven, MI 49417,
United States of America

14500 168th Avenue,
Grand Haven, MI 49417,
United States of America

RA Miller Industries Inc. (RAMI) is a leading supplier of advanced antenna systems and accessories to the military, aviation, and transportation sectors worldwide.

RAMI has been engineering and manufacturing innovative antenna systems for more than 60 years and the company has extensive experience of developing products to meet demanding client requirements.

Military vehicle antennas for defence operations

RAMI develops and manufactures vehicular antennas for covert, low-profile military missions, as well as for rugged, heavy-duty platforms.

With multiple designs ranging anywhere from high frequency (HF) up to 6GHz, RAMI has supplied millions of antennas to the US Department of Defense (DoD) and allied nations around the world. The modular design of RAMI antennas allows optimal cost-effectiveness for consistent mission critical reliability.

Manpack antennas and radios for military applications

Today’s handheld and manpack radios demand a diverse range of frequencies, connectors, sizes, and power handling capabilities. Whether you need a foldable blade-style or a broadband ‘rubber ducky’ style antenna, RAMI has you covered.

RAMI’s handheld and soldier-worn solutions have been proven to operate effectively in adverse conditions. They are designed for today’s requirements and are constantly evolving to fit tomorrow’s mission.

Military ground-based antennas

No matter the landscape, RAMI’s dismount solutions make establishing a reliable connection possible.

With a wide range of mast, tripod and tower mounted solutions, the company’s antennae can quickly be deployed in the most rugged terrain for optimal performance.

Military airborne antennas with multiple frequencies

RAMI manufactures several types of airborne antennas covering a wide range of frequencies, from HF up to 6 GHz. These antennas serve a variety of functions, including communications, glide slope, FM homing, marker beacon, and airborne radar interrogation.

They can also serve as identification friend or foe (IFF), tactical air navigation systems (TACAN), satellite communication (SATCOM) platforms, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Providing multi-band aircraft antennas that operate at more than one frequency range, all RAMI antennas are designed and qualified in-house to meet demanding client specifications.

Antenna accessories

The RAMI design team specialises in developing accessories to complement products so the end-users can focus on the mission at hand.

Adapters, risers, filters and splitters are designed for ease of use and universal functionality to maximise performance when combined with RAMI’s antenna solutions.

Custom antenna solutions for the defence sector

RAMI’s development, design, and manufacturing is conducted in-house, allowing the company to deliver everything customers value: performance, quality, service, custom capabilities, and cost control.

The company’s fully integrated manufacturing operations are always focused on improving and becoming more efficient. RAMI designs and builds specialised machinery and material-handling equipment required for antenna production, including fixtures, tools, and gauges.

This vertical integration allows the company to have maximum control over everything that goes into its products, ensuring clients receive the highest quality solution.

Test facilities to certify products in-house

RAMI’s state-of-the-art test capabilities allow the company to develop and qualify products in-house.

The company’s facilities consist of:

  • Multiple anechoic chambers
  • Numerous network analysers with capabilities to 20GHz
  • Outdoor test ranges, RVTP (Rotating Vehicle Test Platform) and a test track
  • Full suite of in-house environmental test capabilities from submergence to altitude

RA Miller Industries

14500 168th Avenue

Grand Haven, MI 49417

United States of America