Rheinmetall offers an innovative array of state-of-the-art electro-optical equipment with a whole host of powerful technologies at its disposal.

Bringing together the expertise of Rheinmetall Nordic together with Rheinmetall Norway (formerly Vinghøg), Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, American Rheinmetall Systems, and the Department for laser solutions at Rheinmetall Air Defence (formerly I.L.E.E.) has resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of products, creating a supplier that is already on the cutting edge of the global market.

Here on Army-Technology, we limit ourselves to everything about Rheinmetall Air Defence’s Laser Solutions (ILEE). But don’t hesitate to contact us about any other Rheinmetall Group product. We’re happy to assist you to the right contact person.

TwinBeam with Aimpoint red dot sight on a sig 533 LB.
ILEE® TwinBeam Mk2.
ILEE® TwinBeam Mk2 (with Red Dot Sight).
TwinBeam on a SMG.
Infrared (IR) Headlight Mini for retrofitting vehicles.
HPLT V.7 DAVID IR surveillance tool.
TwinBeam target laser on a Sig 751 SAPR SB.
BarrelBeam boresight adjustment laser with calibre bar.
SingleBeam with coloured lenses for combat training mode.

From I.L.E.E. to Rheinmetall Air Defence – Laser Solutions:

  • 1977 I.L.E.E. was founded
  • 1983 I.L.E.E. built the first target laser for small arms
  • 1997 Rheinmetall Air Defence became the principal shareholder
  • 2016 Complete Integration into Rheinmetall Air Defence


Rheinmetall Air Defence’s laser portfolio comprises:

  • Laser for dismounted soldiers
  • Laser for vehicles and
  • Laser for surveillance

In addition to our standard range, we are also a specialist for customer-specific solutions. The years of experience allow us to respond to your every need in every detail.

ILEE® target laser for small arms

With our target laser products, we ensure functionality and accuracy at a top level. After the SingleBeam and the TwinBeam we finally take the next step and developed the new TwinBeam Mk2.

More functional – more practical – more powerful. The ILEE® TwinBeam Mk2 is the new must-have tool for small arms. Thanks to its ideal design, the Mk2 sits only 25mm above the accessory rail. To maximise the efficiency of the TwinBeam it can also be combined with an Aimpoint passive red dot sight.

ILEE®defence laser for target designation and illumination

With our two high-power laser systems, we provide powerful tools for infrared designation and/or illumination. Thanks to the robust housing and the compact design, the ILEE® HPLT series can be easily mounted even in confined spaces. The innovative grid system ensures that the mechanical stability of the laser beam is guaranteed even at high vibrations.

ILEE®laser adjustment tool

The ILEE® BarrelBeam laser is a development based on long experience and thousands of target lasers built, ranging from pistol lasers to military infantry rifle applications.

Using TwinBeam laser components, the laser is simply fitted on the calibre bar. Gently rotating it, it creates a circle which is centred on the centreline of the calibre bar. By adjusting the X-axis and Y-axis of the laser, the laser can be moved to the exact centre of the calibre bar. This allows boresight verification at all times to verify the correct adjustment of target lasers or optical sights. The BarrelBeam is available with a red or an infrared laser beam.

ILEE®IR headlights for retrofitting vehicles

Our headlight products are ideal for retrofitting vehicles of all kinds or for the surface lighting of wide roads. The residual light (reddish glow) is reduced to a minimum by a special protective filter.

The light emitting diodes are arranged at an angle to each other so that in addition to the wide lighting also the road is illuminated perfectly.

ILEE®OEM laser

With our OEM lasers, we have the possibility to fit our technology into any system. We call ourselves experts when it comes to observation systems or target lasers. Our diodes can be selected anywhere in between red and infrared.