MSI-Defence Systems Ltd (MSI-DS) specialises in the design, manufacture and delivery of innovative defence solutions to protect key assets from contemporary and evolving threats.

With extensive experience in precision engagement and weapon direction, MSI-DS has developed cross domain weapons platforms and control systems for the naval, littoral and land environments.

MSI-DS systems provide layered defence capabilities against multiple state, state-sponsored and non-state threats, such as Fast Inshore Attack Craft, Un-crewed Surface Vessels, Un-crewed Air Vehicles and Loitering Munitions including the defeat of swarms.

Multiple sensors combinations for military operations

MDI-DS platforms can be being configured with numerous sensor/effector combinations to meet several military operational requirements.

MSI-DS SEAHAWK DS30M 30mm mounting with 12.7mm COAX
MSI-DS SEAHAWK MWS 12.7mm on BAE Systems P950 optionally manned RHIB
MSI-DS SEAHAWK MWS 12.7mm Having just destroyed a seaborn target at 1.7km from an optionally manned RHIB.
UAS destroyed by 30mm Airburst round from MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW30M CUAS
MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW14.5K 14.5mm onboard a patrol boat
MSI-DS SEAHAWK LW30M 30mm CUAS on trials
MSI-DS Electro Optical Surveillance System
MSI-DS SEAHAWK DS30M 30mm onboard a Royal Navy Frigate

Host platforms currently include naval assets from capital ships, through support platforms and patrol vessels, including a prototype autonomous rigid inflatable boat with recognised utility and enormous growth potential across the spectrum of maritime/littoral operations.

Options also exist on specialist land vehicles, from Littoral Fighting Vehicles through to lighter tactical platforms, such as a 4×4. Additional proven options include containerised systems optimised for key point defence, providing a proven Counter Un-crewed Aerial Vehicle hard kill solution.

MSI-DS weapons systems provide excellent situational awareness through their Sensors and Fire Control Systems optimising operator understanding, which allows the control of precision weapons engagements.

Effectors include a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, 30/40mm cannon systems, and Surface to Surface/Air missiles, delivering a capability that will sense, track, and defeat contemporary threats.

Ease of integration with sensors and combat management systems

MSI-DS weapons systems can be deployed and operated as a single capability or integrated within a layered defence network under the control of a Combat Management System.

The solution has been specially developed for ease of integration with Combat Management Systems, vessel and vehicle sensors, and other battle space connections.

It has long been a core tenant of MSI-DS design philosophy to increase capability whilst reducing total integration costs for the end user.

Advanced defence solutions to support weapon systems on the battlefield

MSI-DS is recognised for developing, delivering, and supporting weapon systems with outstanding performance and precision, providing users with maximum capability where size, weight, and power is limited.

MSI-DS platforms are also interfaced with third party systems and have a demonstrated and proven capability for installation and control on remotely operated and optionally crewed platforms.

Deployable and distributed systems for military applications

The move towards more deployable and distributed systems has enabled MSI-DS to utilise its broad experience of containerised, deployable, and self-contained systems.

MSI-DS and its partners are bringing to market a new generation of deployable and disaggregated systems designed to operate as a stand-alone capability or part of a network to provide a suite of sensors and effectors. MSI DS focusses on countering un-crewed aerial vehicles in the short to medium term.

Worldwide capability and support services

With hundreds of systems installed in more than 40 countries worldwide, MSI-DS has an extensive portfolio of delivered, in-service and combat-proven systems, which provides operators with the assurance of requirements met and exceeded and a capability available when needed the most.

End users are assured of long-term through life support worldwide, with support centres in the UK and America and representatives in all major regions. Customer Logistic Support and ILS services are available to all customers provided by a dedicated team at our facilit in Norwich, UK.

MSI-DS provides extensive training for equipment operation through to full depot level maintenance. In-country depot facilities management and support services are available as well as offset and tech transfer.

About MSI-DS

Based in Norwich, UK, MSI-DS operates a fully integrated 16,000m² facility with research and development, design, manufacturing, and support operating from the same location.

The high level of integration allows for cost effective and rapid development of bespoke customer requirements to a production level system, whilst maintaining the deep institutional knowledge to maintain and support all our equipment worldwide with some supported systems still in active service 40 years from delivery.

MSI-Defence Systems Ltd is an SME with over 120 years of experience in the defence industry.  From anti-aircraft technologies in the early 1900’s, through battleship gun control and nuclear submarine drive technologies mid-century, MSI-DS is at the leading edge of defence technology development.