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High-Quality Protection for Military Forces and Emergency Services

GUMOTEX Rescue Systems is part of the company GUMOTEX, based in the Czech Republic.

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GUMOTEX Rescue Systems is part of the company GUMOTEX, based in the Czech Republic.

Since its foundation, the division focuses on specialist products designed primarily for military forces, fire rescue services and other emergency departments, including inflatable rescue tents, decontamination, flood control barriers, water rescue and customised protection.

Inflatable tents for military rescue operations

Our broad portfolio offers many options, ranging from small two-man tents to large halls and tents for accommodation. Furthermore, these can be used as rescue operations, hospitals, canteens, garages, stores, etc. Ease of handling, speed of assembly and versatility in a wide range of situations are just some reasons that our tents are so popular worldwide.

Our tent range includes:

GUMOTEX's inflatable tents can be deployed for use in rescue operations, hospitals, canteens, garages and other emergency service applications.
We provide tents for mass decontamination along with decontamination basins and showers.
Our two types of flood barriers are the cylindrical barrier and steel-frame barrier.
GUMOTEX's range of specialist products, including SUNIT suits, are designed to rescue people from water-related incidents.
Our customised production processes ensure customers of our expertise and experience.
GUMOTEX's products are in use by the Czech Army, as well as fire brigades and rescue services.

• Tents Series GTX – tents with adhesive bonded inflatable supporting frame

• Tents Series HF SMART – tents with high-frequency welded construction. Thanks to the possibility of completely dismantling the tent into individual sections and quick replacement of damaged parts, these tents can be fixed in no time during rescue operations, without the need of sending the entire tent for repairs

• Modular large capacity halls, which are especially useful for armed forces. Due to its size (100m²), they are suitable for use as barracks, canteens or as the ideal back-up facility for parking and servicing of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment

• Lightweight tent HANDY – it is not only light, but can be additionally equipped with a pressure cylinder for a quick inflation without an electrical blower or a hand pump

• Army tent HF – 46A – its interior is 44m² and it is designed especially for accommodation of soldiers on the battlefield or during military exercises

• COMFY – a general-purpose tent for short-term use. It is very light and compact; ideal for the needs of users with limited space available

Tents for mass decontamination of personnel and equipment

GUMOTEX offers a quick response solution when decontamination of personnel and equipment is required.

Our decontamination products are characterised by simple and fast installation in minutes. We offer tents for mass decontamination, decontamination basins and showers.

Flood control barriers

Water-filled barriers are designed for the protection of houses and other objects against floods or torrential rain. They can also be used for an enhancement of dikes or increase the banks of rivers.

We produce two types of flood barriers: cylindrical barriers and barriers with a steel frame.

Water rescue operations from hazardous environments

GUMOTEX supplies a range of specialist products for rescuing people from various water-related accidents, mud and other hazardous environments, including waterproof transport bags, protective SUNIT suits and tanks for liquids.

Customised production processes

Due to technical progress and continuous development, we look forward to new challenges and opportunities. We are looking not only for innovations of existing products, but completely new products.

Customers can be assured of our expertise and experience and we always look for the best solution possible.

About GUMOTEX Rescue Systems

GUMOTEX Rescue Systems, in cooperation with representatives of the armed forces, is constantly developing new products and continues to improve existing ones for the benefit of our customers.

Our products assist with saving lives and property during emergencies. They are used by members of fire brigades and rescue services, as well as the Czech Army. We believe that we will also supply to other NATO armies in the near future. We pride ourselves on the fact that our solutions are comprehensive and thoroughly tested by more than 20 years of demanding use.

Thanks to our high-quality products, GUMOTEX Rescue Systems is represented, either directly or through its certified partners, not only in Europe, but also other continents such as North and South America, Africa and Asia. GUMOTEX Rescue Systems products are therefore available to almost all customers worldwide.

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Press Releases

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    Production is one thing. Implementation is another. But in the end products must also meet customers’ expectations. Therefore, GUMOTEX Rescue Systems teams regularly attend events where representatives of customers, i.e. users, can touch and test their products themselves.

GUMOTEX Rescue Systems
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