AirBoss-Defense assures its ever-broadening client base of high quality personal protective equipment (PPE). We specialize in the design, fabrication and sale of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protective hand wear, footwear and gas masks.

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protective gear

Through close customer relation, expert project and contract management, and by leveraging both its polymer and CBRN background expertise; AirBoss-Defense continues to develop products meeting the highest performance levels possible. Continued innovation and in-depth understanding of related operational use contributes to its success.

Rubber transformation facilities and services

As part of the AirBoss of America Group of companies, AirBoss-Defense has access to diverse rubber transformation facilities and developmental resources. Capabilities include rubber custom mixing, calendaring, extrusion, injection moulding and specialized assembly of products. AirBoss is the second largest rubber transformation operations in North America.

CBRN moulded gloves and overboots

AirBoss lightweight overboots (ALO) and AirBoss moulded gloves (AMG)are in a class of their own. Both products are certified to NFPA 1994 – CBRN standards. The gloves are ergonomically superior, providing the highest level of protection while allowing the wearer to operate field equipment such as weapons, vehicles and computers.

AMG – AirBoss Moulded Gloves – 24 hrs protection against chemical & biological agents: butyl rubber compound
AEP – one of the last manufacturing plant in North America that does hand assembly of footwear.
CBRN Products ALO - AirBoss Lightweight Overboot - 24 hrs protection against chemical and biological warfare agents; can be fully decontaminated. C4 – available in black; green & desert tan; 24 hrs protection against chemical & biological warfare agents; extremely lightweight & compact AMG – AirBoss Moulded Glove – 24hrs protection against chemical and biological warfare agents; packed with Coolmax Liner; available in 7 sizes.
The first fire boot to be certified by UL for CBRN protection, the first 31" fire boot to be certified by UL for structural firefighting and the first rubber fire boot that truly looks, fits, feels and weighs like a leather fire boot.
Extreme Cold Weather Boot - Multi layer, double liner system; -54° for up to 8 hours of protection

Negative pressure gas masks

AirBoss-Defense also manufactures the C4 and PC4 gas masks, the lightest, most comfortable and reliable negative-pressure masks available on the market today. They are created with the latest rubber injection-moulding technology to eliminate joints and seams.

Our range of products also includes fire fighting and extreme cold weather footwear, multi-purpose safety boots and a wide range of industrial extruded and moulded rubber engineered products for the Defense market.

Advanced CRBN products

The AirBoss group maintains a highly experienced, well-trained workforce of over 700 persons. Our skilled chemists and engineers from R&D and QA meet regularly with their counterparts in production, marketing and sales to determine how best to fulfill our customer’s special project requirements and the properties of the products themselves.

International client base for CBRN gloves, overboots and gas masks

Our diverse and highly-skilled global workforce consists of a wide network of international agents for the defense sector sales and a large team for the first response sales in North America. A more restrained network exist off-shore. We have successfully provided our products to 25 nations.

Some of our clients include:

  • US DoD
  • Canadian DND
  • UK MoD and Home Office
  • German BWB
  • French DGA
  • Norwegian MoD and Civil Defense
  • Greek Hellenic Forces
  • Dutch MoD
  • Australian DoD
  • Kuwaiti MoD and National Guard
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Other countries where our products have been used include:

  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Qatar

Performance highlights

Our sales-per-products include:

  • ALO – over 2 million pairs
  • CBRN boots (other than ALO) – over 200,000 pairs
  • AMG – over 1.5 million pairs
  • C4 gas mask – over 225,000

Currently, one of our major contracts on hand is supplying the US Marines up to 3 million pairs of AFS (ALO) and up to 3.85 million pairs of JB2GU (AMG) over a five-year period. We have also completed a major contract to deliver 1,754,470 pairs of AFS and over 1,330,494 pairs of AMG.

AirBoss-Defense: "the ultimate protection"

AirBoss-Defense continues to invest and improve its product line to provide the best possible, operationally effective solutions whether for soldiers, police, firefighters or EMS personnel. You can be sure that our dedication and focus remains to make the best quality, most adapted and reliable personal protective equipment in the world.

Location and capabilities

Located in Acton Vale, Quebec, Canada, our AirBoss Engineered Products (AEP) facility produces rubber custom mixing, calendaring, and extrusion. However, the most astonishing fact is that it is one of the last remaining hand assembly footwear plant in North America. The facility consists of 280,000 sq. ft, including 80,000 sq. ft of warehousing space. All logistics and manufacturing operations are controlled by an integrated management system.

AirBoss Rubber Compound facilities located in Kitcheneer, Ontario, Canada and Scotland Neck, North Carolina, USA are the single largest rubber mixing facilities in North America. Annual rubber output is over 200,000,000 pounds in Kitchener and 50,000,000 pounds in Scotland Neck. AirBoss-Defense manages sales of strip stock for repairs and overhaul of tank track pads and road wheels.

AirBoss Moulded Products, located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, manufactures large rubber moulded items, including items for the railway and automotive markets. It is also, responsible for the production of CBRN moulded gloves and multiple components for gas masks.