C.T.S Technology (C.T.S) designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the jamming of wireless communications and under vehicle search systems for the counter-terrorism, security and defence industries.

With more than ten years’ experience, C.T.S ‘s expert staff have supplied various governments and law enforcement departments with a variety of hi-tech counter-terrorism systems. Our diverse product range includes convoy jammers, cellular jammers and tactical (man pack) jammers.

We have offices in China, New York, Dubai, the UK, Pakistan and India. As manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke systems C.T.S prides ifself on its ability to provide customised solutions to meet the requirements of its clients.

Tactical man pack portable jammers

Our tactical man pack portable jammer is supplied with high-quality lithium-polymer batteries and provides up to two hours of continuous operation.

90W man pack jammer with remote control and built-in battery.
500W portable jammer. The jammer is easy to install in vehicles with remote controls.
Jamming modules can be selected to provide high-power targeted jamming or wide-band with modules available in bands from 20MHz - 868MHz.
The fixed under-vehicle inspection system is easy to use and install. Users do not need to park their vehicle to get them checked.
The mobile under-vehicle inspection system is portable and easy-to-use software. It fits almost all vehicle types.

A smart charger stops the charging process on-time and keeps batteries live. The jammer comes with a special backpack case and remote control and has a variety of special features, including:

  • Output power: 75W-90W
  • Power supply: 27V DC / 220V AC li-polymer rechargeable battery
  • Frequency bands: available in different bundles, including plan one- mobile signal jammer; plan two- mobile signal jammer and wi-fi; and plan three- 20MHz – 500MHz or 20MHz – 868MHz

Tactical portable jammers

The tactical portable jammer is the most highly advanced satellite phone jammer. It is specially designed for bomb removals and for the protection of VIPs and high profile personnel.

The advantages of the tactical portable jammer are:

  • High mobility and stability
  • Ability to jam five bands at the same time. The total output reaches 500W
  • Remote control panel available to adjust each frequency band and power freely
  • It has a 300m-1,000m range

UHF / VHF jammer

Our modular wireless communication jammer is designed for both fixed installations and vehicle installations, where high transmission power and multiple frequency bands are required to block wireless communications in a large area.

Jamming modules can be selected to provide high-power targeted jamming or wide-band jamming. Modules are available in bands from 20MHz-868MHz. The UHF / VHF jammer is available with an output of 90W, 200W and 500W. If these are not the right ratings for you, then we would be happy to customise a jammer to your specific needs. A battery for the jammer is optional.

Fixed under-vehicle inspection system

The fixed under-vehicle inspection system provides high resolution images, which can be used at military base check points.

The under-vehicle systems can be integrated with road blocker loop detector traffic light ECT equipment. The system was designed to be used outdoors and can therefore operate in any harsh environment.

The advantages of the fixed under-vehicle inspection system include:

  • Easy to use software and installation
  • Fits under most vehicle types
  • Images can be saved to be compared with later

Mobile under-vehicle surveillance system

The mobile under-vehicle surveillance system allows for quick and easy security checks at military bases. The system produces high resolution images with a high passing speed. The system is designed for low maintenance checks at security check points. Much like the fixed under-vehicle inspection system, the mobile system was designed for outdoor use and can operate in harsh environments.