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Vehicle Systems and Parts for Military and Civilian Applications

Since 1994 BORSERINI has provided the military and defence industries with industrial filtration technology and spare vehicle parts for civilian and security vehicles.

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Since 1994 BORSERINI has provided the military and defence industries with industrial filtration technology and spare vehicle parts for civilian and security vehicles.

Our core business is filtration for the OEM, OES and IAM markets, for industries worldwide, but we have grown to include industrial engines, agricultural, construction, special and heavy-duty vehicle applications, compressor and vacuum, hydraulic as well as many other industry segments. By increasing our outreach, we provide our customers with a more flexible service without compromising on the quality of our core products.

In addition to our filtration technologies and spare parts provision, BORSERINI also provides customisation services and ‘off-the-shelf’ products as part of our complete portfolio. If we are unable to provide a service or product, our relationships with external service providers and selected suppliers enables us to offer alternative solutions to a client’s customisation or product-sourcing requirements.

All BORSERINI filters sold in the defence industry can be thoroughly tested according to MIL-STD standards, by military and independent institutes and comply with the applicable standards.

Custom-made, stainless-steel, powder-coated air cleaners for vehicles.
Our dust extraction blower helps extend the longevity of the engine in military vehicles by eradicating pollution and build-up of grit in the machines.
Our stock of hoses come in a variety of diameter sizes, colours and materials.
Our pre-separators for engine combustion air and for NBC systems are used in military vehicles.
BORSERINI can also provide hoses for breathing systems.

We hold all the necessary licences and authorisations to operate in the defense market.

Ventilation and dust filtration systems for vehicles

BORSERINI offers highly efficient heavy-duty filtration systems for container applications. The product families include ventilation, dust filtration for containers and full air treatment systems.

Our portfolio also offers economical, compact engine air cleaners for heavy-duty vehicles and tanks, including fuel pumps and air cleaners for engines. Our air-cleaner solutions have been integrated in several military and civilian vehicles.

Full air treatment systems and combined air treatment systems with auxiliary scavenging units

We can offer tailor-made solutions for air treatment systems in vehicles using different technologies and materials, or a combination of different solutions in order to maximise efficiency at competitive costs within a short development time.

BORSERINI’s range of sensors and devices are able to continuously control the actual pressure drop, which maximises the service life and reduces the running costs of the vehicle.

Pre-separators for air-conditioning and NVC/CBNR systems

BORSERINI can offer MIL-STD tested and approved systems for many different military vehicle models based on single or double stage vortex tubes and dust scavenging blowers with a measured efficiency of up to 98% (according to ISO 5011 with coarse dust).

Blow-by-gas recirculation systems for engines

With today’s modern military vehicles traversing inhospitable regions like the deserts of Afghanistan and the varied terrain of Africa, it is vital for engines to possess blow-by-gas recirculation systems to protect the turbocharger, reduce oil consumption and pollution, and comply with environmental regulations.

Our systems utilise high-performance media to produce highly-efficient oil separation and lower engine oil consumption, when compared to less efficient separators to conventional open systems without an oil separator.

Each system is easy to service through the quick access portal and offers excellent protection against the incorrect insertion of the replacement element and for the turbocharger and components fitted downstream. An additional safety feature includes an integrated function that protects the system against irregularly high crankcase pressure to the vehicle.

BORSERINI can also provide customisation options on recirculation systems to adjust the position of ports, and lower the installation height to oil level through the low pressure drop. We can also offer an integrated monitoring system that gives the user full control of the pressure drop and maximises the service interval.

All of our engine recirculation systems accommodate engines with an output of 6MW or more, and require no auxiliary power. The reliable, compact and lightweight designs makes BORSERINI recirculation systems particularly suitable for operations at low temperatures, and incur minimal running costs for the user.

Hydraulic filters

BORSERINI’s portfolio of hydraulic filters caters to clients requiring the original equipment manufacturer and spare-parts queries, such as: suction filters, air breathers, low and mid-pressure filters, filters for filling, high-pressure filters, medium-pressure spin-on, by-pass filters, diecasting components and accessories and return line filters.


There are a wide variety of hoses available on the market, ranging from all-purpose uses to types developed for niche markets. BORSERINI stocks an extensive list of highly-flexible and reinforced plastic hoses in the size range between 8mm – 500mm in diameter, in various colours and materials. Our hoses can be used for several applications, including:

  • Land vehicles
  • Air conditioning
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Medical
  • Sanitary

Loose couplings and moulded end fittings are available and can be specifically designed to customer requirements.

Development, production and final products are subject to strict quality assurance standards including:

  • Pre-production test series
  • Control checks during the manufacturing process
  • Final test and control procedures, like DIN, MIL-STD and to customers’ standards

Fuel tank explosion protection

Our explosion protection solutions for vehicle fuel tanks increase the vehicle survivability in the event of a hit with light and medium caliber guns. We can also offer a self-sealing solution that can guarantee the vehicle operating after being hit with a bullet of up to 14.5mm.


  • Polaris MRZR-D2 Off-Road Vehicle

    MRZR-D2 is the latest twin-seat turbo-diesel version in the series of MRZR off-road vehicles offered by Polaris Government & Defense, a part of Polaris Industries.

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