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LHERITIER designs and produces cameras and complex vision systems for use in the defence, security, and aeronautics industries.

A subsidiary of the ALCEN Group, the company exports historically in many countries throughout Europe, and outside Europe, such as India, Israel, and the US. Its vast portfolio of international customers include Airbus, Thales, Finmeccanica, Elbit, and Safran.

Quality image restitution for the defence and security market

The firm capitalises on its R&D capabilities, particularly in the field of image processing algorithms. It has achieved a top quality level of image restitution, and is a recognised expert in the field of low light level (LLL) cameras.

Electro-optic (E/O) cameras are used for day / night surveillance.
The Lheritier ICCD camera EREBOS legacy technology couples an intensified tube and a high definition camera.
Lheritier have a state of the art design and testing facility (anechoic chamber).
Cat Eye is the only handheld active imaging camera for day / night vision.

LHERITIER has developed in-house simulation, design, and production capabilities. All products are tested for qualification under the most adverse operating environments.
Innovative and flexible, LHERITIER adapts its own design of cameras and camera modules to specific requirements and applications for the defence and security sectors.

Imaging systems for defence and security operations

In the aviation sector, the company provides electro-optical payloads for unmanned aerial systems or helicopters, camera pods for aircraft, as well as head-up display (HUD) recording and replay cameras.

Meanwhile, its land-based applications provided include trajectography cameras for detection / localisation of small projectiles, long-range remote surveillance system for battle tanks or vehicles, armoured vehicles driving aids, and turret optronics.

Sea and marine applications consist of high-speed imaging system for missile trajectography, front vision for maritime robots, and super-sonic wave motor (SSM) periscope camera (day / night vision).

Homeland security applications include, but are not limited, to border surveillance, law enforcement covert operations, or perimeter surveillance.

Cat Eye: A world class innovation, a new approach to night vision

Cat eye is the only hand-held camera for day / night vision, using range-gated active imagery.

Cat Eye is the only hand-held camera for day / night vision, using range-gated active imagery.

The camera offers a unique optical channel for day and night vision. Cat Eye’s technology is based on a highly sensitive scientific CMOS sensor (no infrared, no tube) and powerful image enhancement algorithms.

Cat Eye allows facial identification at night up to 200m. It is a dual-use product for both defence and security applications.

Cameras / vision systems with embedded intelligence

Acting mainly as an OEM, LHERITIER is constantly reinforcing its product range with the latest technologies.

LHERITIER is an expert in the visible spectrum and near infrared (from 400nm to 1050nm), with cameras / modules for day, night, or day / night operations.

All LHERITIER cameras come with embedded intelligence, such as image enhancement algorithms and calculation capabilities, such as DRC, IR, and Gamma.

The firm’s current portfolio consists of Hemera / Sphinx CCD camera modules, intensified ICCD camera EREBOS, scientific CMOS camera ARTEMIS and Cat Eye, which is LHERITIER’s latest evolution.

All products also maintain their performance in harsh environments, such as thermal amplitude, electromagnetic compatibility, humidity, saline mist, shock, vibration, and gamma radiation.