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Cat Eye Handheld Active Imaging Camera

CAT EYE, a worldwide innovation. The only portable camera with active imagery onboard, CAT EYE delivers excellent night vision in visible spectrum, from a safe distance, for all types of missions.

LHERITIER is a subsidary of ALCEN and well known player in leading-edge optronics, specialised in the design and production of ruggedised cameras for the defence and security markets.

23km: day light: clear sky
150m: dark night: active range-gated mode
1.5km: twilight

CAT EYE challenges infrared technology and outshines the performance of presently available day / night portable cameras:
natural contrasts in low light level or night conditions visualisation and location of targets, even in poor weather conditions, thanks to the active range-gated mode facial identification at 200M at night (legal evidence, critical information for decision makers).

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