LHERITIER provides low-light imaging to deliver day and night-vision in degraded visibility conditions.

The company’s technology and proprietary image enhancement algorithms, enable sight in darkness or in poor conditions. LHERITIER excels in the two specific technologies of intensified and scientific CMOS, and already offers a large panel of camera solutions designed for various platforms and numerous defense applications.

Capitalising on its large experience in the medical and scientific fields, today LHERITIER brings its expertise to defence applications that require very short exposure times (down to five nano seconds) for high-speed moving objects.

The legacy intensified camera, EREBOS, is mounted on various vehicles, such as light tactical or armoured, or C2 platforms). The optronics equipment is also ideal for infantry. Intensified cameras from LHERITIER are operated in many contexts, including:

  • Night driving aids for vehicles
  • Coastal surveillance (operated within ATHENA day / night vision system)
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Night channel for air-defence systems

Due to the low-reading noise of its sCMOS sensor, ARTEMIS allows for vision down to starlight level with one single camera. Thanks to its high image dynamics (16 bits), the ARTEMIS camera is not subject to blooming, smearing or any other damage when observing bright sources.

ARTEMIS enables broader fields of application such as day and night vision systems, 360° periscope vision, ground E/O solution for air defence systems, and static periscope masts; perimeter detection in bad weather conditions, and long-range surveillance.
The key technical differentiators of ARTEMIS are:

  • Ultra-sensitive sensor (Quantum efficiency, up to 25% in NIR)
  • High image dynamic illumination: from 100,000 lux to lux Night Level three
  • Full HD camera two million pixels