Cat Eye is the only hand-held camera for day / night-vision, using range-gated active imagery embedded in a unique optical channel for day and night vision.

Cat Eye’s technology is based on a highly sensitive scientific CMOS sensor (no IR or tube) and powerful image enhancement algorithms.

Three + one modes in one single day / night channel
For defence and security missions, Cat Eye provides a range of modes, including:

  • Passive: Cat Eye guarantees in this mode an excellent visibility for day-time observation, even down to low-light level (night level three), but also during rainy or foggy weather conditions, or highly polluted conditions, thanks to image enhancement algorithms
  • Active Illuminated: via its laser source, Cat Eye can illuminate the scene on-demand to obtain a better imaging
  • Active Range-Gated: in this mode, the pulsed laser is synchronised with the camera in order to capture the image at a specific range, so that the image comes only from objects at that particular range
  • Snapshot: the emission of the laser impulse sequence is ultra-short; the picture is thus taken in an almost total discretion

Dual product for defence and security

Cat Eye features:

  • High-performance, reliability, compactness and robustness
  • Long, mid and short-range observation; perfect for military and homeland security surveillance missions
  • Improved identification friends or foe (IFF), thanks to its quality of image


  • Cat Eye was partly funded by the French Armament Procurement Agency (DGA)
  • Cat Eye was presented to various agencies such as French MoD, French Ministry of Interior (Law Enforcement, Police), US DoD, Indian Special Forces.

For more information, please see the detailed data sheet.