TECNOVE Group is a leader in body manufacturing, repurposing and adaptation services for military and defence vehicles.

We also offer camp and field hospital construction, camp catering services, and maintenance and other types of installations.

We have a presence in more than 60 countries, which comprises offices in the Americas; the Middle East; and South Africa, as well as production centres across Spain.

With more than 30 years of experience, TECNOVE’s client base includes technology companies, defence ministries and international organisations such as the United Nations, Nato and the European Union.

TECNOVE repurposes and adapts assault military vehicles.
We offer weapon integration platform vehicles.
Customised solutions include radar and surveillance vehicles.
Telecommunications vehicles can be custom-built according to client specifications.
We provide vehicles for border control applications.
Army containers are available for a wide range of military applications.
Our containers can be used as shelters in adverse or remote locations.
Expandable containers are available on request.
TECNOVE provides modular or field hospitals for military or defence applications.
We oversee on-site staff operations and services at military camps.

Custom-built military vehicles

TECNOVE manufactures and designs bodyworks for all types of defence vehicles for armies worldwide.

Our solutions are suitable for military troop and cargo transport vehicles, command and control posts, logistical and sanitary support vehicles, military adaptations, mobile surveillance units, telecommunications vehicles, and platforms for integrating weapons systems into vehicles.

In addition, TECNOVE specialises in transforming mobile platforms into custom-design vehicles.

Military containers for transportation and camp amenities

TECNOVE containers are manufactured and transformed for a wide range of applications.

They can be used for ammunition and weapon transport, refrigerated containers, isotherms, showers, surgeries, laboratories, telecommunications shelters or surveillance areas.

Our standard container measures 10ft x 20ft x 40ft, although it can also be customised to meet client requirements.

Military camp construction and management

TECNOVE is specialised in the design and execution of military and civil camps worldwide, especially in adverse areas, challenging access conditions and / or serious security problems.

Our vast experience in both national and international projects also provides an important added value to our proposals and solutions.

A specialist in turnkey executed and delivered projects, TECNOVE oversees both the design and engineering process, as well as the civil works and construction of the facilities.

We also manage camps and all staff support services such as catering, cleaning, laundry, access control, and related maintenance.

Field hospital construction services

TECNOVE offers customised modular or field hospitals in military operations and remote locations, as well as during natural disasters.

Our solutions include tents and containers, along with all medical equipment and specific furniture.

Both the containers and the tents are prepared for different medical applications.

Quality assurance

TECNOVE’s team of engineers, designers, technicians, economists and commercial staff consistently aims to offer high-quality products and services.

Our engineering and production systems ensure we provide the most advanced, customised solutions of the market, with a focus on research, development and innovation.

Our quality certificates include:

  • Quality Management System ISO 14001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 9001
  • Quality Assurance System Ministry of Defence – OTAN PECAL / AQAP 2120
  • Food Safety Management System ISO 22000
  • Security Management System for the supply chain ISO 28000 (Food Logistics for Catering in Camp)
  • Company adhered to Global Compact of United Nations