For more than ten years UTILIS have been manufacturing and supplying rapid-deploy tactical shelters for military and civilian applications. UTILIS’ patented state-of-the-art folding frame structure has been field-proven worldwide and UTILIS shelters have gained recognition with armies, civil protection organisations, rescue forces, relief and first aid organisations due to their incredibly simple but durable design and lightweight features. Along with customers’ requirements, UTILIS modular shelter systems meet NATO and MIL-standards criteria and technical specifications.

Shelters for field applications

With our commitment to engineering quality shelters that will stand up the harshest of environments, UTILIS shelters are designed to protect personnel, equipment and field supplies in air, land and maritime environments. Our shelters are currently in use in a number of operational capacities, including:

  • Mobile hospitals
  • Sanitary and medical facilities
  • Collective/individual accommodation
  • Camps and command posts
  • Decontamination units
  • CBRN and collective protection
  • Offices, refectories and kitchens, storage facilities, warehouses and hangars

Our shelter systems can be equipped with various types of additional accessories that can be fitted without modification: thermal fly, internal liner, NBC liner, heating, air conditioning, ECUs, lighting, blackout vent, customized marking, and various types of flooring.

For large work areas UTILIS provide TL (7.2m wide x 4.2m long) and TXL (9m wide x 5.2m long) series shelters that can be used as a large vehicle / helicopters maintenance enclosure, warehouse, command and control suit or as a field hospital ward. The TL and TXL shelters can be composed of multiple bodies, the surface of each body is modular and adapted to clients’ dimensions, and can also be complexed to any of the TM series shelters.

NBC operating theatre (TM54 series tent).
30-tents mobile field hospital (medical and sanitary facilities, dormitories, water treatment, power distribution, refectory) in Peru.
Mobile hospital: interconnection of TM54 tents and SM5 airlocks.
Mobile hospital in Algeria, TM54 tents with four doors.
TXL (120 m²/1292 ft²) series tent with lowered front clamshell complexed to TM series tents.

Mobile field medical facilities

UTILIS shelters can be complexed to be used as first aid posts, forward medical posts, rapid-deploy medical facilities or field hospitals in different climatic conditions.

Emergency care facilities and general hospital facilities are designed and supplied both for highly mobile or long-term applications. Modularity and flexibility of our medical systems are gained via interconnection of shelters, containers or mixed shelter-container solutions. A variable number of treating modules are efficiently adapted to any mission’s requirements offering a sustained medical support accomplished by food, hygiene, water treatment, power distribution and lodging modules that are vital for smooth and certain operation.

UTILIS shelters can be over-pressurised to accommodate a sterile surgery environment, and under-pressurised to accommodate patient isolation systems. The interconnectivity of the UTILIS shelters can provide an entire hospital operation essentially under one roof.

Rapid to deploy, UTILIS mobile field hospitals and surgery units have been supplied to Africa, disaster areas in Asia and Middle Eastern countries, and are referenced with militaries in Spain and France. Recently UTILIS supplied three mobile hospitals to the Peruvian Ministry of Health (each hospital contained more than 25 x 54 sqm tents) and thus became referenced as a UN supplier.

Military tactical shelters

UTILIS offer different series of shelters with multiple models of various widths and lengths. Our shelters can be set up in less than five minutes (for TM series shelters, 18 – 54 sqm), by a minimal number of personnel. All our shelters share an innovative and easy-to-remember system of deployment. The ease and speed with which our shelter systems deploy save soldiers time and simplify training, and the small number of parts minimizes vulnerabilities and maintenance requirements in the battlefield.

All of our shelter systems have the capability to complex to one another and to other types of shelters, creating large work areas or soldier accommodation facilities; specific distribution and privacy issues can be handled easily and quickly. A unique range of connecting systems is available for connection to vehicles and containers of various types and sizes.

Design, tests and evaluation

A combination of rapid deployability and structural strength make UTILIS shelters highly beneficial to a broad range of military requirements, from highly mobile to long-term applications. All our shelter systems’ designs are flexible, mission- and customer-tailored.

UTILIS shelters successfully passed technical testing that included 10 psf snow load, high temperature at 130°F (55°C) with 1100 watts/m2 of solar loading, 55 mph (90 km/h) sustained wind loads (with 65mph (105 km/h) gusts), wind-driven rain, blackout protection and 50 erect-strike durability cycles which demonstrate again and again a simple but highly strong design and a structural integrity.

Shelter dedication to warfighters

UTILIS dedication to Warfighters keeps us driven to producing the most advanced and durable rapid deploy shelters on the market today. UTILIS is certified ISO 9001:2000 and operates in conformity with a strict quality control. To enhance your mission capabilities, a quick and efficient service support is provided via our international presence with head offices in Europe, the US, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.