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The Experts for Military Recovery and Self Recovery Winches and Systems

ROTZLER is a leading supplier of hydraulic winches and winch systems for lifting and pulling heavy loads.

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ROTZLER is a leading supplier of hydraulic winches and winch systems for lifting and pulling heavy loads. In close cooperation with renowned body builders and OEMs, we develop first-class winch solutions for the use in civil and military applications. These include recovery and rescue vehicles, cranes, marine cranes, drilling equipment and military vehicles.

ROTZLER provides customised solutions from a single source. Our wide product portfolio is available from high-performance hoisting and pulling winches on individual systems solutions to comprehensive services.We thereby meet the highest safety standards and offer products on the cutting edge of winch technology. Their compact and modular design allows an individual integration in different vehicles. On request, we provide our customers the winch installation into the vehicle.

More than 180 qualified employees are located at our headquarters in Steinen, Germany. In addition, you will find ROTZLER in the regional locations in Canada, South Korea, India and the US.

Hydraulic winches and systems for military applications

The military market increasingly demands integrated systems for extreme field conditions. Extensive application and product knowledge enables ROTZLER systems to design and implement solutions that are tailored to suit customers’ specific needs, providing optimum combined performance.

With almost 100 years of experience, ROTZLER is a competent and trustworthy partner for vehicle and armaments manufacturers, as well as armed forces. Today, ROTZLER winches and related systems are standard equipment on most military vehicles that demand high-tech and reliable performance such as military trucks, heavy equipment transporters and armoured vehicles.

Self-recovery pulling winches for light armoured vehicles

To increase mobility or rescue a vehicle, that would otherwise have to be left back and disabled in theatre, a self-recovery winch is a very rewarding investment compared to its added value. For this purpose, it is absolutely imperative that the self-recovery winch works reliable and fast even under the most demanding conditions.

ROTZLER TREIBMATIC self-recovery winches are designed to ensure these requirements while being lightweight and offering the most flexible integration possibilities on an armoured vehicle. The TREIBMATIC is equipped with a digital control system, which monitors the winch at all times and ensures proper functionality, something the operator can rely on.

Recovery pulling winches and winch systems for armoured vehicles

Armoured vehicles require winches for recovering tanks and other heavy vehicles that have got stuck, have stalled or have lost their mobility by any other cause.

ROTZLER’s efficient TREIBMATIC pulling winches are ideal for these applications, because they are robust and fast, being specially designed for military applications. In addition, ROTZLER offers a unique operating concept to include further recovery sub-systems such as crane, stabilizer or earth anchor, controlling all of them with just one remote control unit.

Recovery and self-recovery pulling winches for military trucks

ROTZLER offers the appropriate hydraulic winch system for every vehicle and provides a flexible integration of the pulling winches in trucks, irrespective of the available space in the chassis or vehicle frame. The robust pulling winch series TARVOS has a compact and clean design, which results from meeting the most demanding requirements.

The specialised winch hydraulic motor series offers premium performance. Numerous options allow the best possible configuration to meet the customer’s needs.

Heavy-duty twin winch systems for heavy machinery and tank transporters

Loading and unloading of low-bed trailers places high demands on a vehicle’s winch system. ROTZLER’s twin winch systems are specifically designed to perform heavy-duty loading and unloading tasks. These established, tried-and-tested winch systems meet the stringent requirements that characterise this type of application, namely responsive controls and manouverability of heavy loads.

ROTZLER hoisting winches for military crane applications

The lightweight and compact TITAN military hoisting winches have proven their global value in cranes for military vehicles. Fitted with a measuring control device (MCD), these winches can be perfectly integrated into the control and safety functions of modern systems.

The upgraded TITAN hoisting winches with the new specialised ROTZLER hydraulic motor are designed for precise positioning and safe holding of heavy loads in different environmental conditions. No matter what challenge in lifting loads is imminent, ROTZLER TITAN winches provide maximum flexibility and improved performance.

Integrated systems solutions for military vehicles

The ROTZLER based label summarizes our concepts, products and latest winch technology, which define the characteristics of a premium recovery vehicle.

In critical recovery situations safety is paramount and every second counts. Each operation brings unique challenges and success relies on the perfect interaction between the operator and his recovery vehicle. As a result, modern recovery vehicles require complex and highly integrated recovery systems, designed to meet current and future challenges.

ROTZLER Recovery Vehicle Systems deliver the answers, from design concept through to series production, covering everything from high-quality recovery equipment such as ROTZLER TREIBMATIC winches, vehicle integration, control and operating systems, through to diagnostic systems and product support services. Integrated systems by ROTZLER are the result of decades of experience in supplying field proven recovery winches and solutions for military recovery vehicles worldwide.

ROTZLER services for military winches and winch systems

Experienced project engineers advise customers and operators in order to find the right solution to suit their specific needs. Planning, design engineering and manufacturing are performed in close coordination with our business partners. Installation teams are on hand in Steinen or even on-site at customer premises to ensure complete system integration in vehicles and machinery used in military applications. ROTZLER also takes complete system responsibility in the field of military projects.

ROTZLER’s after-sale services provide overhauls of complete hydraulic winch systems, yearly safety verification tests, maintenance contracts, as well as product training. ROTZLER can provide the supply of spare parts for decades to suit individual customer requirements.

The ROTZLER expert team is on duty all over the world, to provide customer service just-in-time.

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