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Highest Precision and Performance for Ammunition, Mortar and Artillery Training Systems

RUAG Ammotec, established in 1863, produce high precision ammunition for the military and law enforcement industries.

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RUAG Ammotec, established in 1863, produce high precision ammunition for the military and law enforcement industries. The most advanced processes are applied at the enterprise’s operations in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Sweden and Hungary.

Our goal is to produce high-precision ammunition with the best performance. Our product range includes:

  • Various ammunition for small arms
  • Non-standard ammunition
  • Hand grenades
  • Mortar and artillery training systems
  • Disposal of ammunition

Our main customers are international armed and Special Forces, including Nato forces, Swiss and German armed forces and other customers around the world. One of our specialities is the development and production of lead-free ammunition. We have a non-toxic and lead-free solid bullet with the absolutely reliable Sintox priming technology.

This technology is, for example, applied in the 9×19 LF FMJ SXF (+P) (Lead-Free, Full Metal Jacket, SINTOX-FORENSIS, Higher Pressure) and enables forensic analysis. We are also developing lead-free bullets for rifles.

The most advanced processes are applied at the enterprise's operations in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, USA and Sweden to produce high-grade products.
SWISS P: The sniper's choice. Exceptional precision, highest penetration force and, thanks to the underlying family concept, no adjustment is required in case of a change of cartridge.
The fragmentation hand grenade has been chosen by a Nato armed force as the best performing in the world.
Mortar training system: Provides a realistic training experience for the entire mortar team, using existing service equipment.

Sniper ammunitions for military applications

Our sniper ammunition (CAL .223 Rem, .308 Win, .300 Win. Mag, .338 Lapua Mag) fulfils all necessary requirements for Special Forces and police deployments. The worldwide known SWISS P rifle ammunition has outstanding accuracy and ballistics:

  • Ball ammunition for military use meets all the requirements of the Hague Convention
  • Target for exceptionally accurate shooting and outstanding flight characteristics
  • Styx Action high-impact deformation for minimised risk of collateral damage
  • Armour Piercing (AP) for maximum penetration power of body armour and other hard targets
  • Tactical for excellent first hit probability at targets behind angled glass
  • Subsonic for silenced shooting. Extra-heavy bullets provides additional energy to achieve an enhanced target effect

Infantry cartridges include:

  • 4.6×30 FMJ SX, AP SX
  • 5.56×45 M193, SS109, AP TC (Armour Piercing, Tungsten Carbid Core), LF HC SX (Lead-Free, Hard Core, SINTOX), Tracer
  • 7.62×51 M80, HC, Tracer
  • 12.7×99 Short Range, SX Tracer, HC SX
  • The rounds are also available linked in mixed ratios according to the customer’s requirements

9×19 / 9mm Luger ammunition include:

  • 9×19 NATO Ball, LF FMJ SXF (+P), Tracer, Subsonic, Plastic Blank
  • 9mm Luger plastic blank
  • 9mm Luger ball with different bullets
  • 9mm Penetrator

We also supply other 9mm ammunition, specially designed for Law Enforcement purposes.

Fragmentation hand grenade for the defence industry

The RUAG hand grenade offers new technology for defeating the use of modern body armour, as well as providing enhanced safety during use, storage and transport. The hand grenades are chosen by the British Armed Forces as the best performing hand grenade in the world and they are also in use by the Dutch, Swiss and other Armed Forces. Our range of fragmentation ammunitions includes:

  • Fragmentation hand grenade
  • Offensive hand grenade (OHG 85), short range offensive hand grenade (SR OHG 85)
  • Explosive practice hand grenade and the relevant training tools

Mortar and artillery sub-calibre training systems

The sub-calibre mortar training system MT 25mm, is an effective tool to save costs and to provide high-quality training in small areas. The system consists of an aluminium-alloy body and is available for mortars in caliber 60mm, 81mm and 120mm.

As a result of an improvement program, we can now offer the new training cartridge 14.5mm, with an electronically fused spotting round for artillery training systems, e.g. for a howitzer. The standard 14.5mm training cartridges with impact fuse and pyrotechnic time fuse are still available.

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