MESKO SA is a producer of ammunition and anti-armour, anti-aircraft missiles based in Poland.

The company manufactures small and medium calibre ammunition, tank shells, rocket systems and mortar rounds.

MESKO provides tooling services, plastic working, chemical and heat treatment services and demilitarisation solutions for outdated weapons.  The company has a number of domestic and international quality certificates, such as: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, AQAP 2110:2016 and ICS.

Small calibre ammunition for military use

MESKO offers small calibre and special ammunition for military use according to NATO and Russian standards, including cartridges in a variety of sizes and tracer / armour piercing projectiles.

The AAMS GROM mounted on a 23mm A-A mobile gun and missile system ZUR-23-2KG is designed to fight low-flying air targets.
The anti-aircraft missile set GROM is designed to destroy visually observed air targets, including aircrafts, helicopters, and other targets emitting infrared radiation.
SPIKE-LR is made for striking tanks and armoured vehicles (equipped with reactive armour), and helicopters from 200m to 4,000m distance.
MESKO supplies rifle ammunition 5.56 x 45 in various types to fight any living beings, as well as unarmoured targets.
Rifle ammunition 7.62 x 51 in various types is designed to fight any living beings, light and medium-armoured targets, and penetrating armour.
The company’s helicopter armament system of unguided rockets is available with different resistance characteristics for engaging targets on land, in air and on water.

The company produces modern reduced-ricochet risk ammunition to solve problems connected with training at military and civil firing ranges where live ammunition is in use. Even though this ammunition has a 50% shorter range than live ammunition of the same calibre, it still remains accurate in hitting the target using standard sight instruments.

Armour-piercing medium calibre ammunition

MESKO produces 12.7mm x 99mm ammunition in variants of M33 BALL, M33 BALL Sniper, MP, MP Sniper, MP-T, APS, SG-T and reduced ricochet risk ammunition (RR-T).

The company is the only producer of modern 23mm x 152mm sub-calibre ammunition APDS-T and FAPDS-T for anti-aircraft guns (ZU-23). The cartridges are made of tungsten heavy alloys, which make them a strong competitor to other cartridges with high-explosive incendiary and armour-piercing incendiary projectiles.

MESKO produces 30mm x 173mm ammunition in four variants, MP-T/SD, TP-T, APFSDS-T, and FAPDS-T for 30mm cannon Boeing Bushmaster II/MK44-30/40, Mauser Model 30-2, and another armament mounted on the ROSOMAK wheeled, armoured transporter.

The 35mm x 228mm cartridges, with frangible, armour-piercing, sabot-tracer FAPDS-T, are used for destroying air targets and ground targets, including armoured and combat vehicles up to 4,000m away. The plant also produces training ammunition, TP-T, which is used for shooting with a KDA cannon mounted on a PZA Loara, a self-propelled, anti-aircraft gun system.

Tank shells for operations and training

MESKO produces ammunition for 120mm Rh 120 L44 TANK GUN in four variants of APFSDS-T, APFSDS-T-TP, HE, HE-TP and ammunition for 125mm 2A46 TANK GUN in three variants of HE, APFSDS-T and GUN FIRE IMITATOR ROUND (training ammunition).

Anti-aircraft missile systems

GROM is a modern anti-aircraft missile system designed to target low-flying helicopters and airplanes. The system is portable, can be operated by one soldier, and can also be mounted on land platforms and helicopters. The company’s fire-and-forget missiles are equipped with a seeker, which has options for identifying a target as a friend or foe.

Anti-armour rockets for defence activities

One of the most modern anti-armour missiles, AAMS SPIKE, is a new fibre-optic medium range version, used as an anti-armour weapon with high hit probability for operations, day or night, and in adverse weather conditions.

Rockets such as the NLPR 70mm (2.75in) are intended for engaging targets on water and on land, including lightly armoured vehicles and infrastructure.

The 122mm M-21 HE Feniks rocket is intended for firing high-explosive warheads up to 41km. Its main task is to destroy fortifications, military equipment and personnel.

Mortar ammunition to combat armoured vehicles

The company offers 98mm mortar round with demolition-fragmenting projectile, which is designed to combat hidden targets, enemy personnel and armoured or non-armoured vehicles.

Heavy alloys for bullets and ammunition cores

MESKO has the technology to manufacture rods out of tungsten powders with admixtures, used in the production of projectiles and ammunition core for these ammunitions: 12.7mm, 23mm, 30mm, 35mm, 105mm, 115mm, 120mm and 125mm. The maximum rod length is 600mm.

Demilitarisation facility for outdated weapons

The modern demilitarisation of MESKO’s outdated ammunition stockpiles plant was built on the premises of the company. It has two lines for demilitarisation. The first is for the demilitarisation of artillery ammunition calibre 57mm – 155mm, rocket engines and propellant charges using devices for dismantling ammunition, TNT melting and underwater sawing.

The second line is for the demilitarisation of ammunition calibre 5.56mm – 35mm, fuses and grenades using explosives, an incinerator and a detonation furnace.

Applied technology is based on the most modern techniques, which do not cause soil and water pollution. Secreted exhaust gases are purified.