MESKO produces 12.7mm x 99mm ammunition in variants of M33 BALL, M33 BALL Sniper, MP, MP Sniper, MP-T, APS, SG-T and reduced ricochet risk ammunition (RR-T).

MESKO is the only producer of modern 23mm x 152mm sub-calibre ammunition APDS-T and FAPDS-T for anti-aircraft guns (ZU-23). The cartridges are made of tungsten heavy alloys, which make them a strong competitor to other cartridges with high-explosive incendiary and armour-piercing incendiary projectiles.

The company produces 30mm x 173mm ammunition in four variants, MP-T/SD, TP-T, APFSDS-T, and FAPDS-T for 30mm cannon Boeing Bushmaster II/MK44-30/40, Mauser Model 30-2, and another armament mounted on the ROSOMAK wheeled armoured transporter.

  • 12.7mm x 99mm
  • 23mm x 151mm
  • 30mm x 173mm
  • 35mm x 228mm