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Integrated Communications Solutions for the Modern Digital Battlefield

Savox provides a range of lightweight, rugged, intelligent and integrated communications solutions specifically developed for the modern digital battlefield environment.

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Savox provides a range of lightweight, rugged, intelligent and integrated communications solutions specifically developed for the modern digital battlefield environment.

The passage of information, rapidly and accurately, is the key to success in any modern military operation. Savox is a specialist in the mounted and dismounted platform and personal communications equipment field.

Innovative technology for troops to communicate with commanders

The firm innovates and integrates technologies to strengthen the interface and communications link between troops and commanders.

The digital (RCR6) sub-miniature covert wireless earpiece is used in a covert surveillance environment part of the Savox Clarity system.
Covert wireless push to talk and tone generation button, part of the Savox Clarity system
Savox Clarity interference free wireless covert communications unit, for covert special operations users
Savox IMP platform intercom system is based upon standardised sized enclosures for easy installation and retrofit requirements.
Savox PCU (Personal Communications Unit) is the main communication for the Savox IMP platform intercom system. It has easily accessible buttons and a voice-prompted system menu at the reach of your palm.
The Savox THOR Tactical Headgear system is used for changing operational requirements. It is the only fully integrated tactical headgear system.
Savox provides platform intercom systems for marine environments. Savox IMP Systems are today installed on RIB’s, landing crafts, interception and patrol boats as well as bigger offshore classed vessels.
Savox provides a unique offering to the mounted and dismounted soldier requirements, strengthening the communication between commanders and troops

Savox’s mounted soldier system platform is based upon the firm’s IMP® technology and system core. This software defined command, control and communications (C3) solution provides a state-of-the-art system in flexibility, configurability and integration abilities.

The IMP is based on commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and chipsets, making this extremely competitive in capabilities and features, yet fully qualified for use in combat environments.

Thanks to the flexible IMP system core, this capability can easily be installed on land-based platforms such as armoured personnel carriers (APCs), main battle tanks (MBTs), combat support vehicles, and logistic support vehicles.

Communications equipment for personnel in the battlefield

Today’s intense battle field creates big pressure on the equipment and systems in use by the individual soldier on the ground.

The requirement of more capabilities by the individual soldier can only be achieved through an increased level of integration, which is becoming continuously more vital. This is one of Savox’s strongest focal points and core competences.

Savox has been the prime contractor for the Future Warrior programme (TT2020) for the Finnish Defence Forces, in Finland. The foundation of this research programme is today the basis of the firm’s Dismounted Soldier system that Savox is bringing to market,. The first product launches will be taking place during the International Deference Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Communications systems for hazardous environments

With more than 30 years of experience serving the military, maritime, police, security, fire, rescue, and industrial markets, Savox offers unprecedented experience in providing communications products designed for use in demanding and hazardous environments.

The firm’s knowledge is built around requirements set by end-users and their harsh working environments, as well as governmental and industry standards. This allows Savox to create the most innovative and end-user driven solutions available.

In-house design and manufacturing facillities for communications

The firm has a unique combination of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing facilities.

Savox keeps the end-user’s needs as the focal point of its product design, allowing the company to create state-of-the-art products tailored to these extremely difficult working environments.

Solutions incorporate the companies areas of expertise, including integration, installation, ergonomics, superior audio performance, ease-of-use, intrinsically safe products, and wireless connectivity.

Savox Defense stands for reliable and cost-effective, cutting-edge COTS technology based communications solutions for mounted and dismounted troops.

White Papers

  • THOR® Tactical Headgear System for Changing Operational Requirements

    The Savox tactical headgear system for changing operational requirements (THOR) has been designed and developed to meet the needs of all the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF), as well as Special Forces, Marine and SWAT units and a wide variety of other potential military and security end users.

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