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Rescue, Repair and Forced Entry Products

Since the 1980s, Broco has supplied exothermic cutting torch systems to the US Army for rescue, repair and recovery.

400 S. Rockefeller Ave,
Ontario, CA,
91761 California,
United States of America

400 S. Rockefeller Ave,
Ontario, CA,
91761 California,
United States of America

exothermic torch

Since the 1980s, Broco has supplied exothermic cutting torch systems to the US Army for rescue, repair and recovery. With advancements and diversification over the years, Broco Military & Tactical now provides rescue, repair, and breaching/forced entry products to the US Army and its Special Forces, and to military and law enforcement tactical organisations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Today we offer a full line of rescue and forced entry products that follow the natural progression of breaching, ranging from mechanical to saw, torch and dynamic hydraulics.

With input from our customers, we continue to innovate and bring to market products that make breaching and rescue faster, safer and easier.

Exothermic torches and portable MIG welders

Broco’s exothermic torch sets are powerful, portable and inexpensive. Exothermic torches are the fastest and easiest-to-use method for cutting thick steel and specialty metals. Broco’s Recovery & Rescue exothermic torch sets are available in either backpacked (PC/A-5V2HR) or vehicle-based (PC/MIL-60) versions and are easy to store and carry.

Broco’s GOWELD portable battery-powered MIG welder is lightweight and operates from a military vehicle’s 24V power system yet can weld steel or aluminum in excess of ½in thickness. 20ft long leads provide ample reach, and provide a simple, easy-to-use setup.

Broco is currently supplying US BAE systems with our PC/MIL-60 torch sets for the US Army’s M88A2 recovery vehicles; US BAE Systems with the PC/A-5V2HR torch sets and GOWELD portable welder for the USMC M88A2 Hercules recovery vehicles; and the UK BAE Systems with torch sets and GOWELD portable welders for the CRARRV. We also support light armour reconnaissance and amphibious assault units of the USMC with both welders and cutting torches.

Breaching torches and rescue saw blades

Maritime targets are typically constructed of steel, making explosive access below deck and in confined spaces unviable due to over-pressure concerns. The most useful tools for rapid access to the bridge, engineering and secured compartments are an exothermic torch and gasoline-powered ‘quickie’ saw.

Broco’s single-cylinder backpacked breaching torch (PC/TACMOD1) and new dual-cylinder torch (PC/TACMOD6) are capable of making cuts of 12ft and 20ft, respectively, in 3/8in mild steel. PC/TACMOD1 is currently supplied to USN and USCG VBSS teams and USMC MEU. PC/TACMOD6 is the most recent iteration of the Broco torch set designed for and fielded by the Navy SEALs.

The BRO-DRS-12,-14 and -16 Broco Diamond Ripper blades provide the best balance of fast cut speed, durability and low price. These knives have been tested and used by Tier 1 teams, and are known for their durability.

Tactical breaching products

Faster breaches are safer breaches. Special Forces and law enforcement SWAT breachers can be confronted with obstacles ranging from conventional doors with multiple lock points to steel reinforced high-strength concrete, ceramic and plate metal walls. Broco’s tactical breaching products assist with defeating these and other reinforced targets.

Broco offers the compact PC/MTMOD1 Mini-Tac and PC/MICROMOD1 Micro-Tac cutting torches for powerful surgical cutting. Mini-Tac is supplied with two 15ft3 lightweight composite oxygen cylinders, each of which can support 24in of cut in 1in-thick mild steel. The Micro-Tac was designed at the request of Navy SEALs who wanted a low-profile, low-cost torch for brief, powerful cuts. Micro-Tac can be carried on a vest and is capable of cutting 8in of 1in-thick mild steel or 20in of 3/8in-thick mild steel.

Referred to as the ‘Key to the City’ by SWAT breachers, Broco’s ‘Jimmy’ tactical pry bar does more than open doors and security gates. It is also well-suited for breaking padlocks, opening lock box safes, and removing panels during vehicle searches. ‘Jimmy’ is only 10.5in long and slides into the Molle on the front of a vest for easy carrying.

The BRO-36V-KIT cordless cutoff mini-breaching saw kit features Broco’s mini-ripper diamond blades and a modified Dewalt 36V battery-powered saw. Intended to fill the gap between the capabilities of bolt cutters and gasoline saws, the recently-introduced 36V-KIT was inspired by the 75th Ranger breachers and is in use with them and other elite groups in the Americas, Europe and the Pacific.

We believe in our products and want you to as well.

Over the past 15 years we have taken advantage of our special relationships with operators within the breaching, rescue and vehicle repair communities to develop and introduce quality products that fulfill their specialist requirements. Our sales keep growing because our products perform. We invite potential customers to contact Broco to discuss their needs and the ways our products can bring solutions. Ask about T&E and demonstration opportunities.

Broco Diamond Ripper Rescue Blades

The Diamond Ripper™'s double layer diamond cutting edge is thin like a metal cutting blade to yield cut times that are near equal to those of fragile, quick-wearing abrasive disks

Broco Jimmy Tactical Pry Bar

Every member of the team, not just SWAT entry guys, should carry a 'Jimmy'™. Made from heat-treated hardened steel with high-density foam under a wrapped cord grip for comfort. 'Jimmy'™ has a striking surface at the back end and a lanyard attaching loop.

Operational Needs Statement for Exothermic Cutting Systems

The following rationale is submitted for integration of exothermic cutting systems into the basic inventory Issue of armoured recovery vehicles, recovery trucks, repair trucks, mobile maintenance workshops and appropriate maintenance and repair and combat engineer tool sets, kits and outfits.

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