These completely portable, extremely powerful cutting torch systems have the capability of cutting thick steel, aluminium, cast iron and more. Broco Tactical Torches are in service with military and civilian fire, rescue, law enforcement and special operations teams around the globe.

Broco pioneered the exothermic torch system. Evolved from market-leading Broco Underwater and Broco Industrial torches, Broco tactical torches are fast, safe and easy to use. Consumable alloy cutting rods utilise oxygen as the only gas to burn at twice the temperature of oxy-acetylene. These lightweight systems are engineered to provide the greatest cutting capability in man portable systems.

Standard features of the PC/TACMOD1 include Broco’s Breachers ARC Molle backpack system, US DOT- and CE-certified oxygen cylinder, submersible depth-compensating oxygen regulator, lightweight hand piece (torch) with oxygen metering valve, quick connect hoses and cables, rod extender and more.

The Mini-Tac includes two US DOT- and CE-certified ultra-lightweight composite oxygen cylinders (2,000psi aluminium cylinders available upon request) submersible depth-compensating oxygen regulator, compact lightweight hand piece (torch) with thumb operated oxygen metering valve, quick connect hose and cables, rod extender and more.