Broco’s Recovery & Rescue PC/MIL-60 torch is the vehicle mounted repair and recovery evolution of the Broco industrial torch. It fulfills the requirement for cutting track, armour, cast iron, aluminum, titanium and a wide range of hardened alloys with a fast, easy to operate torch set. It has been in use at US Army armour schools (Ft. Knox and APG) since 1985, and the PC/MIL-60 torch set is a standard item on the Army’s M88A2 Hercules recovery vehicle.

Cut thick metals, exotic alloys (even enriched armour) other torch systems can’t with the Broco PC/MIL-60 torch. Recover and repair tracked vehicles, breach heavy security doors and vaults with the Recovery and Repair torch too. Remove damaged track, road arms and tensioners quickly. Broco PC/MIL-60 uses only oxygen gas, not acetylene; faster repairs means increased crew safety.

PC/MIL-60 torch outfit includes the torch assembly with 30ft oxygen hose and power cables, 30ft hose/cable extension set, oxygen regulator, Nato Slave plug (to interface with vehicle power), cutting rods, accessories, and Pelican storage case. PC/MIL-60 also includes a 16in rod extender for extra reach (or standoff) and a medical oxygen adapter so D & E cylinders with the post valves can be used with the torch.