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EOD and Bomb-Disposal Robots

Our mission is to design, develop, produce and sell our own technological solutions that adapt to the specific security and defence needs of our national and international customers.

Pº de la Castellana, 141 Edif. Cuzco IV, Planta 18-20,
28046 Madrid,

Pº de la Castellana, 141 Edif. Cuzco IV, Planta 18-20,
28046 Madrid,


PROYTECSA SECURITY is a Spanish company with a clear international outlook whose headquarters are in Madrid and main facilities are in Huesca. Our mission is to design, develop, produce and sell our own technological solutions that adapt to the specific security and defence needs of our national and international customers.

PROYTECSA SECURITY has been collaborating closely with the Spanish security forces and corps, financial entities, railway companies, public administrations and private corporations for the last 25 years. This has given us a strong position on the international scene and made us a reference brand in the security industry. We operate throughout the world in more than 35 countries on five continents.

What our customers value best about Proytecsa is:

  • Rapid response
  • Best quality products
  • Guaranteed compliance with the specific requirements of high-level security
  • Trust thanks to a quick and efficient maintenance service
  • Full respect for the environment and the corporation’s social responsibility

At PROYTECSA SECURITY we strive to become the leaders in the industry of explosive ordenance disposal and nuclear, chemical and biological protection robots, while improving our position for other products always using top quality and safety products, the only of their kind in the extremely demanding Defence and Security industry.

PROYTECSA SECURITY has always differentiated itself from other companies thanks to its products, technology and close relationship to its customers.

The company’s activity focuses on three lines:

Remote-controlled robots for explosive ordnance disposal

Our family of remote-controlled robots is used by police bomb squads and military explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialists, and has been constantly evolving since the first aunav.EOD robot. Designed in close collaboration with the Spanish National Police Force, our robots were put into service more than ten years ago. Because of the excellent operational results achieved, the aunav family has continued to grow since then, now offering a range of models designed for specific theatres of operation.

Aunav robots are extremely strong and powerful, more than any other on the market. Together with their precision and exactitude when in operation, they are an ideal choice in police and military operations to defuse improvised explosive devices (IED), EOD and CBRN activities.

The aunav.EOD can lift more than 250kg and has a dragging capacity of a maximum of 800kg, with a pinpoint precision and force of more than 70,000N in its gripper. Its size allows it to go through doorways 70cm in width.

For security and protection for oil wells and critical infrastructure, the aunav.MEGA is an ideal choice. This large robot can reach a height of 18.5m with its long jib, and has long-range optronics systems (heat and day camera, etc.) for surveillance and patrolling tasks.

The aunav.CID Robotic Arm provides troops deployed in operations with an improved capacity to detect and defuse explosives. This tool can detect and neutralise possible IEDs remotely and uses its own armoured vehicle at the base of the arm.

Other robotic options include the aunav.SUPER, which possesses crawler tracks that can efficiently move across varied forms of terrain, and the aunav.MAXI, the largest robot produced to date, which can lift a maximum of 4t.

Access control and security systems

The argus access control and security systems are high-range products developed initially for the banking sector. Our range of turnstiles is good for controlled and quick access to places with a high number of people such as metro stations, train stations and office buildings. PROYTECSA SECURITY currently has several models of intelligent security doors and interlocking doors for all types of customers, and is the indisputable leader in the top tier of this market.

Perimeter security fences

PROYTECSA SECURITY’s ‘thewall’ is the perimeter protection solution using security fencing to protect railway lines or perimeters around infrastructures that need to be robust, durable and incorporated with anti-intrusion alarms. With constant innovation we have developed solutions with different products and configurations, offering assembly alternatives depending on our client’s needs and guaranteeing high levels of security at all times.


Our success is based on our open culture, people, and managing talent; at PROYTECSA SECURITY, everyone shares ideas and opinions practically. This is a priority to ensure the future of our company.

Every year, PROYTECSA SECURITY invests a large amount of its turnover in R+D+I. This multidisciplinary team is made up of expert engineers in robotics, precision mechanical engineering, electric and electrical engineering, advanced computing and embedded software to develop new materials and industrial design.

PROYTECSA SECURITY is a member of the industry’s main professional associations and organisations, and collaborates with universities and technology centres to make applied robotics for defence and security applications evolve.

PROYTECSA SECURITY’s subsidiary Sallén Seguridad is the company in charge of providing a 24/7 technical support service to our customers for all of our solutions, with the highest quality standards and speed.

The company possesses all major quality and environmental certifications.


Proytecsa Robots Destined for Tunisia

The Government of the Republic of Tunisia has placed his trust in Spanish company Proytecsa to acquire several robots of the Aunav range.

Proytecsa Designs and Manufactures Aunav.VAN and Aunav.NEXT Robots

The escalation of terrorist attacks in the last few years has impelled the different EOD / NRBQ units to be prepared to deploy quickly at any time, any situation and any place while carrying all the necessary equipment to successfully perform deactivation and neutralising missions concerning IEDs and NRBQ threats (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical), while at the same time guaranteeing and protecting the safety of the population and infrastructures.

Proytecsa Newsletter March 2017

The Customer Support brings technical and logistical support to our distributors and end users for all the aunav robot fleet deployed worldwide.

Proytecsa to Attend Milipol 2015 Tradeshow in Paris

Spanish company Proytecsa Security will attend Milipol 2015, the international tradeshow on security, which takes place in Paris on the 17-20 November, with its range of ROVs to deactivate IEDs and CBRN prevention.

Proytecsa to Unveil New aunav.NEXT Robot at MILIPOL 2013

PROYTECSA SECURITY is lauching its new robot, the aunav.NEXT, at MILIPOL Paris, from 19 - 22 November, for the prevention and fight against counter improvised explosive device / explosive ordnance disposal / chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats (CIED/EOD/CBRN).

Proytecsa to Showcase New Product Models at MILIPOL 2013

Over the past ten years the company PROYTECSA SECURITY, in collaboration with specialist in explosive ordnance disposal, has carried out a steady improvement in its products intended for the fight against terrorism.

Proytecsa Security, S.L.

Pº de la Castellana, 141 Edif. Cuzco IV, Planta 18-20