Fortasa Memory Systems, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of high-performance solid-state storage solutions to meet the data storage needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Fortasa’s solutions are designed for a range of military applications, including mission data recorders, unmanned control vehicles, launch control systems, and troop and field computers.

The company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, offering a broad portfolio of storage solutions to support multiple interfaces and form factors.

Fortasa is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge memory systems for the military.
The company’s storage solutions are suitable for a wide range of military applications.
Fortasa has successfully deployed its systems in the government, defence, and automotive sectors.

Storage system solutions for the defence industry

Fortasa’s industrial flash storage solutions provide a wide variety of platform choices for industrial applications.

Flash storage products are available in several physical form factors, connector and housing options. This provides users with the broadest standard product selection to meet various military requirements.

Fortasa offers industrial grade PC memory cards, secure digital, microSD, CFast, and CompactFlash cards, as well as parallel advanced technology attachment (PATA), serial advanced technology attachment (SATA), PCIe, and USB interface options.

High-quality storage products for military requirements

Fortasa places a strong emphasis on product quality and reliability. The company uses a locked bill of materials (BOM) unique to any Fortasa product part number to ensure the consistency of products to specification.

Fortasa’s industrial solid-state storage products feature exact component traceability. This provides added assurance that all critical components such as flash controllers, NAND memory components and printed circuit boards (PCBs) are supplied according to customer requirements.

Custom memory solutions for mission-critical military applications

System memory requirements differ depending on factors such as product application, useable life expectancy, maintenance costs, and physical form.

Fortasa develops solutions designed to meet customer-specific needs with unique and differentiated memory storage products. The company manufactures custom storage solutions that integrate the latest flash controller technology, extending the reliability of flash media beyond the standard rated operation.

Solutions to protect military systems from unauthorised users

Hardware and software security layers are included in all Fortasa memory products, helping to protect critical data from viruses and unauthorised external access.

The company’s experienced engineers can also customise the standard product physical form factor or incorporate additional unique device functionality.

State-of-the-art storage solutions for use in multiple industries

Fortasa’s memory solutions have been successfully deployed in multiple sectors, ranging from industrial automation and life sciences to the government, defence, and automotive industries.

The company has specially developed its storage systems to enhance performance, increase productivity, and protect critical data in the defence industry.