Being a common form factor in consumer PCs, Fortasa’s Industrial mSATA Flash Module is specifically designed to be deployed in rugged environments where data reliability requirements are substantially higher than that of a consumer product. Fortasa’s Industrial mSATA Flash Module fully conforms to the JEDEC MO-300 SSD specification standard in physical form (50.8mm (L) x 29.8mm (W)) and connector interface.

Fortasa’s Industrial mSATA Flash Modules are manufactured with either high-reliability SLC NAND Flash, cost-effective MLC NAND Flash or the newest 3D TLC NAND Flash components in both Standard (0 to 70°C) and Industrial (-40°C to 85°C) Temperature grades.

With capacity range from 8GB to 2TB and Read and Write performance of over 500MB/sec, Fortasa’s Industrial mSATA modules can benefit any industrial and government application. As an added service, these drives can be reconfigured to offer value-added features such as Write Protect, Military Purge, AES-Encryption, Cryptographic Erase, Suicide Command and so on.

With the focus on the Industrial and Military markets, Fortasa’s Industrial mSATA drives offer the most rugged solution to an industry-standard Flash module.