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Tactical Acoustic Hailing Systems for Military and Police Applications

Ultra Electronics - USSI manufactures Hyperspike® tactical acoustic devices, which focus on high sound pressure levels (SPL), crystal-clear intelligibility and focused directionality.

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deterrent acoustic tonesUltra Electronics – USSI manufactures Hyperspike® tactical acoustic devices, which focus on high sound pressure levels (SPL), crystal-clear intelligibility and focused directionality.

Developed by the Guinness World Record holder for the loudest electromechanical device, Hyperspike technology is a market-leading acoustic innovation for challenging army applications.

Acoustic hailing devices for long-range military communications

The class-leading sound of our Hyperspike acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) facilitates long-range communications, perimeter enforcement and escalation of force. The product’s highly directional sound technology is safe and helps prevent loss of life and property.

HS-14 and HS-18 HyperSpike acoustic hailers feature up to 2,000m and 156dB of output. They are self-contained, lightweight and portable to facilitate operations.

Hyperspike® acoustic hailing devices enable clear, authoritative verbal commands, which control high background noise using pan-and-tilt mobility.
Ultra Electronic’s acoustic units provide deterrent tones to improve military or security personnel’s response and include built-in high-frequency alert technology for safer operations.
The HS-18 Hyperspike® acoustic hailers can be installed on defender vehicles to provide authoritative verbal commands in military applications.
The company’s acoustic hailing devices provide long-range communications capabilities for militaries, police forces and multinational corporations.
Hyperspike® technology is based on high sound pressure levels (SPL), clear intelligibility and focused directionality.
Ultra Electronic – USSI’s tactical acoustic devices help prevent loss of life and property damage through highly directional sound technology.
The HS-14 and HS-18 acoustic hailing devices (RAHD) feature a removable pan and tilt system, making them ideal for perimeter security and sound reinforcement applications.

Users have the ability to issue clear, authoritative verbal commands that cut through high background noise with pan-and-tilt mobility.

Easily accessible deterrent tones improve military or security personnel’s response capabilities and include built-in high-frequency alerts.

Exceptional speech transmission index (STI) ratings of 0.96 out of 1.0 combined with an extended frequency range ensure that operators can clearly hear voice commands.

Our HyperSpike AHDs are deployed by militaries, police forces and multinational corporations worldwide.

Effective remote acoustic hailing technology for the military sector

Ultra Electronics – USSI combines the high-powered HS-14 and HS-18 remote acoustic hailing devices’ (RAHD) technology with a removable pan-and-tilt system, making them ideal for perimeter security and sound reinforcement applications.

Our HS-14 and HS-18 RAHDs feature the HyperSpike Command and Control Center, which provides armed forces with a simplified yet modern control panel and enables operators to focus on the job at hand.

A high-definition (HD) camera and effective searchlight can be added using a plug-and-play function.

Portable acoustic hailing devices for army applications

The 15lb HS-10 is an independent, RAHD that features a peak acoustic output of 144dB and communication range of more than 750m.

The next-generation hailing unit easily controls loud background noise, ensuring that commands and alert tones are heard. Exceeding traditional amplifiers and common hailing devices, the HS-10 provides clear and intelligible commands to targets with an STI rating of 0.85 out of 1.0.

HyperSpike technology is transforming the mass notification industry. With best-in-class voice intelligibility and high-impact alert tone capability, its mass notification systems exceed the highest standards of the military, life safety and commercial markets.

In addition, HyperSpike products deliver powerful acoustic output, industry-leading clarity and precise directionality. Units feature a compact design, helping to reduce installation and maintenance costs.

Customisable outdoor mass notification devices for adverse environments

Ultra Electronics – USSI’s MA 360° high-power mass notification systems are battle-tested and feature all-composite, waterproof, UV-resistant enclosures.

MA products can withstand adverse environmental conditions and the lightweight, compact device blends into most army environments with minimal assembly, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

HyperSpike MA speakers are customisable and deployed in military security and emergency notification applications.

Indoor and outdoor medium-power speaker arrays

TCPA speakers provide best-in-class indoor and outdoor acoustic coverage so they are ideal for a wide range of environments. Optimal efficiency enables the installation of fewer units and reduced long-term maintenance costs.

Devices are designed to clearly transmit acoustic notifications in disruptive environments, reducing external noise to ensure critical life-saving messages are heard and understood.

Innovative mass notification systems for clear voice commands

Engineered with the latest technology in mass notification control systems, the Encompass Amplifier Cabinet uses the HyperSpike MA-2 speaker to produce clear and authoritative voice commands with an acoustic footprint of more than 12 square miles.

The cabinet automatically switches to the best power source, performs self-diagnostics, and reports operator status through industry-standard Form C relay fault reporting.

Packaged in a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 4 enclosure with a lockable door, the Encompass Amplifier Cabinet can be installed in indoor or outdoor applications. A NEMA 4X upgrade is available.

When making announcements, the HyperSpike Encompass Control System responds quickly and features best-in-class response time and thermal fold-back capabilities, enabling long-term broadcasts where required.

Free sound modelling tools for indoor or outdoor facilities

HyperSpike offers free sound mapping systems for indoor facilities or outdoor campuses to ensure the emergency notification system (ENS) or mass notification system (MNS) design provides optimal coverage that can be heard and understood.

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