Sensonor Tactical-Grade Gyro and Inertial Measurement Units


Sensonor is an established leader in MEMS technology, designing and manufacturing advanced, inertia sensors for high-precision applications. It offers a range of ITAR-free gyro sensors, gyro modules and inertia measurement units (IMUs), and has served a demanding global customer base for more than 30 years.

Sensonor operates its own silicon wafer fab for sensor production, as well as product assembly, test and calibration facility.

Sensonor’s range of Gyro modules and IMUs are adaptable and high-performing, having been used for navigation, guidance and stabilisation purposes in the industrial, defence, energy and aerospace industries. Their open platform architecture and ability of the end-user to reprogramme the sensor features to individual specifications has caused the gyro modules to grow in popularity to become the smallest and most commercially available module worldwide.

Gyro sensors and modules for stabilising weapons systems

The STIM series of gyro modules from Sensonor features between one to three highly accurate gyros in miniature size with an RS422 interface. One of the main features of the gyros is their configuration flexibility and systems integration, based on its integrated 32-bit microcontroller and their perfect alignment with one another.

The STIM series gyros are often used to replace the larger and heavier fibre-optic gyro (FOG) sensors, especially when size, weight, cost and reliability are critical for the application.

STIM Gyro modules measure rotation with high accuracy and extremely low drift rates. Typical applications include:

  • Stabilising remote weapon stations (RWS)
  • Stabilising turrets for larger caliber weapons on land at sea or in air
  • General platform stabilisation
  • Mortar alignment system
  • Camera turrets
  • Stabilising target acquisition systems
  • Missile launcher systems
  • Radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) Missile seekers
  • Satellite pointing and payload adjustments

Inertial measurement units (IMUs)

Sensonor has based its STIM IMU on proprietary and dependable inertia technology manufactured in its own wafer fab. The IMU is based on the same gyro core used in its STIM gyro module first introduced in 2009, the updated version includes three high-performance accelerometers and three high accuracy inclinometers. IMUs can be configured by the customer, and are available in different accelerometer and gyro range to accommodate various applications. All IMUs also contain customisable g-compensation for performance enhancement in high dynamic applications.

The STIM IMU modules measure rotation, accelerations and tilt with high-accuracy and extremely low drift rates. Typical applications include:

  • Point-stabilised remote weapon stations
  • Multi-beam underwater scanning sonars
  • Airborne and vehicle born 3D LIDAR and radar scanning systems
  • UAV navigation
  • Automatic landing systems for UAVs
  • Short-term navigations during GPS-denied conditions
  • Mortar aiming systems
  • Target acquisition system JETS
  • Missile seekers for SRM – SAM, AMRAAM, BVRAAM
  • Low orbit observation and communication satellites

Evaluation and development tools of gyro modules

The STIM series evaluation tool offers easy measurement and configuration of the gyro modules. Data sampling at alternative rates, graphical presentation, and data log to file are supported in the STIM series evaluation tool. The evaluation tool offers a RS422 interface for USB, necessary cabling and PC software. The gyro modules run from a single five VDC supply from a USB. The evaluation tool can accommodate up to two gyros or IMUs in parallel.

Gyros and IMU support and customer service

Sensonor understands its customers require consistent supply and support of system critical components for long-term programmes.

Sensonor is committed to support its products and customer for long-term business, and is aware that the nature of the high-precision sensor business in areas such as defence, aerospace and certain industrial segments requires this. Sensonor has supplied the same key system components for more than 25 years, while the typical product life is around 15 years. Additionally, Sensonor demonstrates long term commitment by the reach of the company’s ongoing product development programmes that always strive to increase product performance.

A key element in the product development philosophy of Sensonor is to work closely with carefully selected customers in the product definition stage and testing. Close interaction with the most demanding customers on a global scale secure implementation of the correct and best possible features and performance to meet current and future market demands.

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Press Release

Sensonor Releases STIM300 Tactical Grade IMU and STIM210 Tactical Grade Gyro Module

Sensonor has released a new revision, adding value to the feature set already present in its IMU and Gyro component with almost a decade of field usage. Successfully in use with multiple defence and commercial applications and with an install base of 25,000 units.

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White Papers

STIM210 Multi-Axis Gyro Module

STIM210 is a cluster of one, two or three high-accuracy MEMS-based gyros in a miniature package.


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+47 3303 5000 +47 3303 5005 High-precision Gyro Sensors

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Press Release

5 July 2018

Sensonor has released a new revision, adding value to the feature set already present in its IMU and Gyro component with almost a decade of field usage. Successfully in use with multiple defence and commercial applications and with an install base of 25,000 units.

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8 June 2018

Sensonor will be attending Eurosatory 2018 and displaying its new STIM300 tactical grade inertia measurement unit (IMU), which is successfully in use with multiple defence and commercial applications.

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10 January 2017

The STIM210 provides high-accuracy inertial data for the AXD-LNS land navigator solution. Sensonor is currently in serial deliveries supporting the land navigator, which went into regular production in late 2016 following five years of development.

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7 December 2016

STIM210 is a small, lightweight and low power, ITAR-free, tactical-grade gyro module with one, two or three gyros.

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25 August 2016

Sensonor AS first began supplying its standard Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Gyroscope Modules for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space applications in 2012, beginning with the launch of the NASA sponsored AeroCube-4 satellite.

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26 April 2016

The STIM300 provides high-accuracy, inertial data for the iMAR iNAT-M200 Inertial Navigation System and the iATTHEMO-C high-precision heading, attitude, position and velocity reference.

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11 September 2015

STIM210 is a small, lightweight and low-power, ITAR free tactical grade gyro module with one, two, or three gyros.

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16 August 2015

Richard P Welle of the Aerospace Corporation presented findings on the development of an optical space-to-ground communications system at the 31st Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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17 November 2014

The STIM210 will support systems stabilisation to mitigate effects of wave motion for a 'remote controlled' variant of the SIMBAD twin launcher system, equipped with two ready-to-fire mistral missiles.

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12 June 2014

A thorough webinar to provide support in navigation system designs.

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2 June 2014

Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV's has now reached critical momentum, and we are seeing a major commercialisation of many projects and applications.

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Knudsroedveien 7

P.O.Box 1004




+47 3303 5000 +47 3303 5005 High-precision Gyro Sensors

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