STIM202 is a shock capable, tactical grade, affordable, robust and reliable, ultra high performance (Bias Stability 0.4°/h, ARW 0.15°/√h) MEMS gyro module with three axes. An integrated 32-bit microcontroller enables flexible user configuration.

STIM202 is designed with internal shock absorbers for operation in environments with high shocks. It is capable for direct mounting on a range of firing defense applications like remote weapon stations(RWS).

Key features include:

  • Miniature package
  • ITAR free
  • Excellent performance in vibration and shock
  • Excellent environmental robustness
  • 3 axes offered in same package
  • Electronically calibrated axis alignment
  • Plug & play high-level RS422 interface
  • 24 bits resolution
  • Single-crystal silicon technology
  • Low bias drift
  • Low noise
  • Fully configurable:
  • Five different sampling rates available
  • Five different bandwidths available
  • LP filter -3dB frequency can be set individually for each axis
  • RS422 protocol, bit rate and line termination
  • Selectable output unit: angular rate [deg/s] or incremental angle [deg]
  • Continuous self-diagnostics