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4705 Ruffin Road, San Diego, California, 92123,Other, United States of America

4705 Ruffin Road, San Diego, California, 92123,Other, United States of America

Strategic Operations (ST/OPs) provides ‘Hyper-Realistic™’ training support services and products for military, law enforcement and other civil agencies. ST/OPs employs state-of-the-art battlefield special effects; casualty simulation; roleplayers; subject matter experts; combat training coordinators; training scenarios; urban training infrastructure construction and enhancement; mobile urban facilities and specialised equipment including 3D live fire targets, to create training environments which are the most unique in the industry.

Battlefield special effects

ST/OPs pioneered the use of ‘Hollywood-style’ pyrotechnics to bring unparalleled realism to military training. ST/OPs can reproduce any kinetic event both realistically and safely. Our special effects personnel are licensed pyrotechnic experts. Our pyrotechnic battlefield special effects have minimal minimum safe distances and the only safety equipment the exercising audience must wear is standard issued eye and ear protection. This is a huge advantage over more traditional military ‘BATSIMs’ which generally have large safety distances associated with their use and thus lack reality. Using expert makeup artists, ST/OPs can create a wide range of extremely graphic casualty simulation and simulated wounds that enables realistic first and second line trauma care training for combat medics and medical crews. This medical simulation capability is unique in the training world and goes well beyond moulage and typical make up techniques. Truly ‘next generation’ in detail, realism, dynamics and scope, ST/OPs calls it ‘Hyper-Realistic™’.

Combat training support services

ST/OPs can provide indigenous civilians in the battlespace (CIBs) and role-players from which ever theatre is appropriate. All of our CIBs and roleplayers are professional actors, and are provided with authentic attire and documents. Roleplayers are also used to simulate government agencies such as civil police or NGOs, often using roleplayers that were previously employed in that role. CIBs are centrally controlled by well-qualified, ex-military staff. Our indigenous CIBs also provide basic language and cultural instruction during ‘down periods’. In addition, roleplayers with military experience, weapons training and a knowledge of insurgent tactics are employed as a dedicated OPFOR. To support special forces and mentoring training ST/OPs provides teams of roleplayers with military backgrounds who are fully equipped with uniforms, weapons and associated military equipment as partner nation forces.

Urban training infrastructure design, enhancements and construction

ST/OPs has an impressive track record in the design, construction and enhancement of ‘Hyper-Realistic™’ urban training environments to match any current operational theatre. ISO containers can be utilised, and by applying realistic textures and architectural treatments, including domes, minarets and facades these containers can be transformed into challenging, complex and realistic urban training environments. Where a less permanent, or modular and rapidly reconfigurable solution is sought, the Re-locatable Habitat Unit or RHU is a world leading product. The RHU is based on a 4ft × 8ft (1.2m × 2.4m) lightweight (less than 100lbs) composite material panel system that is engineered to assemble into muli-story, complex configurations with only one tool. Materials and construction provide all-weather, long-lasting structures suitable for year-round military training in all environments. RHUs are radio frequency (RF) transparent, making instrumentation easy.

Other products and services

ST/OPs also provides all manner of props and set dressing to make training environments really come to life. Examples of this type of product range from faux weapons to market stalls and everything in between! ST/OPs also can provide impressive, thermo-plastic molded, 3D Live Fire Targets, that can represent both friendly and foe target sets to enhance judgemental training. We also have a comprehensive ‘golf bag’ of other training services and products, such as the deployable Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) Kit, simulated SIGINT feed, simulated NTISR feed to name but a few of our wide range of services.

THeMIS Hybrid Unmanned Ground Vehicle

THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System) is a multi-mission, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) being developed by Estonia-based defence and security services provider Milrem, with support from Estonian Ministry of Defence.

Cut Suit Demo by Strategic Operations

This week I was invited by Kay Nims from the Nellis Air Force Base Simulation training program to witness a demo of the Human Worn Partial Task Surgical Simulator, or CUT SUIT, by Strategic Operations.

Simulators Could End Training on Live Animals

New high-tech simulation devices are raising hope among critics that the practice of teaching Navy corpsmen and Marines to treat trauma patients by slicing into live, anesthetized pigs and goats will come to an end.

Medical Suit Trains Corpsmen How To Save Lives

Strategic Operations in Kearny Mesa, which is located on the Stu Segall Studio lot, has created the "Human Worn Partial Task Surgical Simulator." They call it the "Cut Suit" for short.

PCRM Goes to Capitol Hill to Improve Combat Trauma Training

A soldier moaned in pain from a bullet lodged in his chest. Two fellow service members dripped with sweat as they soothed him and worked to remove the bullet. Moments later, the extricated bullet dropped into a metal dish with a ping

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