Exide Technologies is the global leader in stored electrical energy solutions with subsidiaries in more than 80 countries. Based on over 100 years of experience in technological innovation, we are partners of original equipment manufacturers and serve the spare parts market for industrial and transportation applications.

Our Global Industrial Energy Business Unit offers an extensive range of storage products and services, including solutions for telecommunications systems, railway applications, mining, photovoltaic (solar energy), uninterruptible power supply and distribution units, forklifts, electric vehicles and military applications.

Exide Technologies takes pride in its commitment to a better environment. Its Total Battery Management program, (an integrated approach to manufacturing, distributing and recycling lead acid batteries), has been developed to ensure a safe and responsible life cycle for all of its products.


Military missions, conflict prevention, crisis management and in particular the war against terrorism require reliable partners. Exide Technologies Industrial Energy supports military forces of many nations through its excellent battery technologies. Exide Technologies Industrial Energy is your capable partner for lead-acid batteries in the field of military applications, especially for armoured and non-armoured vehicles, frigates and submarines.

Gel-batteries in Sonnenschein gel technology 12V 100Ah, 12V 50Ah, 12V 45Ah.
No affects on personnel in cramped compartments using Sonnenschein valve-regulated lead-acid batteries with very low gassing rates.
Our military vehicle batteries are cold-cranking current optimized to ensure starting even under arctic conditions.
Our military batteries support troops' mobility through durability under hot and climatic conditions.
dryfit gel batteries provide continuous power supply (without engine) despite the increased power consumption of C3I systems.


The proven dryfit gel technology of the Sonnenschein brand meets all the requirements for use as a starter and supply battery in wheeled and tracked vehicles and also on frigates. This has been proven over 20 years in close partnership with the German armed forces and various members of NATO forces.

Exide Technologies Industrial Energy has continuously optimised its battery technology for military customers.

Important features of dryfit military batteries:

  • No affects on personnel in cramped compartments by Sonnenschein valve regulated lead acid batteries with very low gassing rates
  • Cold cranking current optimized to ensure starting under arctic conditions
  • Supporting troops mobility because of durability under hot and climatic conditions
  • Continuous power supply (without engine) despite of increased power consumption of C3I systems

The advantages of dryfit batteries:

  • Completely maintenance-free (during the whole service life)
  • Independent of position (inclination to 180°)
  • Proof against deep discharge
  • Electrolyte tight (no corrosion damage and unpleasant smells)
  • Very low self-discharge (storage about 24 months)
  • Very low gassing (can be installed in inside areas)
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Long life and cyclic capability
  • Clean and environmentally friendly (recycling to 96%)


The following properties of dryfit gel batteries are of major importance for starter and supply battery applications:

  • Lead-calcium alloy
  • Electrolyte is fixed in a gel
  • Sealed with safety valves (VRLA)
  • Internal gas recombination
  • Plate with element fixing
  • Operating temperature range -30°C to +50°C

dryfit batteries meet the relevant NATO specifications, comply with German armed forces standard VG 96924 and have been approved by German Lloyd.