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LCD, Embedded and Mobile Technologies for Military Applications

Winmate is a leading manufacturer of field-proven enhanced displays for military applications. For over 25 years the company has been a trusted provider of enhanced military and industrial applications.

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Winmate is a leading manufacturer of field-proven enhanced displays for military applications. For over 25 years the company has been a trusted provider of enhanced military and industrial applications.

Advanced tablet displays for the defence industry

Winmate produces innovative displays with advanced features, such as low-latency video processing, lightweight design, high brightness, and NVIS backlighting, all developed from rapid prototyping of custom designs to full-scale production runs ruggedised enclosures.

Winmate’s direct control of critical process steps reduces costs, decreases production lead times, and improves lifecycle management. Our display products are distributed worldwide and are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and MIL-STD-810G standards.

Industry-leading research and development

At Winmate, we strive to be the best in research and development, starting with getting the fundamentals right. Throughout the years, we’ve managed to overcome numerous technical obstacles.

The FM08 allows flexible navigation via the GFG resistive touch screen, readily accessible programmable function keys, and separate QWERTY and numeric keypads.
The FM10 is designed for applications that primarily rely on touch input on a large display, but also require access to readily accessible programmable function keys.
The M133W offers the larger screen size of laptop in a tablet form factor for increased visibility and computing in demanding environments.
Winmate’s M101 series rugged tablet PCs for high-performance computing in harsh environments.
The E430RM4 is a rugged industrial handheld with a 4.3in capacitive multi-touch and also equipped with a barcode and RFID reader.
Field proven and reliable, the ultra rugged tablet PC series is available with an Intel Atom processor and various display size.
Winmate S430M4 is a rugged industrial handheld device with 4.3in screen for field computing communication and data capture capabilities in a heavily ruggedised environment.
G-Win is a rugged panel PC with a high-performance processor and a modern wide format for in-vehicle application.
With the powerful Intel Haswell processor and MIL-DTL-38999 type III connectors, Winmate military console Panel PC offer fast and reliable data collection in any military environment.
Winmate Marine bridge system was installed in Taiwan’s cost navy guard ship.

Since innovation and R&D is at the cornerstone of our company, we’ve adopted intelligent production lines to improve our operations’ efficiency. We have also accumulated a complete range of patents and certifications to serve our customers in the best way possible, which is part of our business philosophy – the idea of ‘TAKUMI’ as a base for synergy.

With a complete line of rugged industrial products, combined with advanced technological know-how, a forward-looking approach, and rich project management experience, Winmate is a reliable and trustworthy partner in the current age of digitisation.

In Taiwan, Taipei City of Sanchong District is filled with small and medium-sized enterprises. Many of these companies are the earliest electronic supply chain manufacturers in the world.

These firms have led to many historical transformations of the global technology industry. Within the technologically-inspired district, Winmate has focused on R&D and production capabilities over the last two decades to become a prominent name in the realm of rugged industrial computing.

Rugged computing solutions designed and tested for the defence industry

Winmate’s range of rugged products are used in industrial computing manufacturers, and Advantech and AAEON group has acquired shares in Winmate. As a distinguished figure in the global industrial solutions and services sector, Ken Lu has successfully transformed Winmate from a manufacturer to an all-in-one solutions provider with core R&D capabilities. With a positive industry outlook, Winmate continues to focus on the best solutions for its end-customers.

Ken Lu joined Winamte in 1998 and transformed the company from an agent for American touchscreen solutions provider, Elotouch, to a widely-recognised industrial computing manufacturer with renowned R&D capabilities and a global brand image. Under his leadership, the company was OTC-listed in 2007 and publicly listed on the TWSE in 2015.

Military-grade rugged computing solutions

Winmate is now one of the industry leaders in the global rugged computing industry. The company’s mission statement carries forth the values of ‘TAKUMI’ as a base for synergy. In 2020, Winmate’s revenue amounted to $60m, an annual increase of 6.5%, making Winmate a profitable option in the sphere of rugged industrial computers.

The company’s long-term goal is to strengthen Taiwan’s R&D, manufacturing, production, and marketing capabilities, while maintaining its brand as a pioneer in the global rugged computing industry.

With the ability to research and develop core technologies for industrial systems and a complete rugged products line, Winmate understands the needs of end-clients to develop products best suited for unique industrial applications. With a range of required professional certifications for different industries, Winmate has a strong competitive advantage in technical capabilities.

Company revenues have repeatedly reached new peaks, and in recent years, Winmate was selected as one of the ‘Top 100 Fast-Growing Companies’ by Forbes Asia. With customers in Europe, the US, and Japan, Winmate is ranked in the Forbes Top 50. In 2020, the EY Entrepreneur selected Ken Lu as one of the Taiwan’s outstanding entrepreneurs.

White Papers

  • Winmate: What Defines True Ruggedness?

    Laptops used by everyday consumers rest in relatively benign environments, indoors at room temperature, and rarely exposed to harsh weather like rain or snow. Military laptop users face much more extreme environments than the average desktop user and need a laptop to perform in harsh conditions.

  • Smart Manufacturing with Rugged Tablet PCs

    As industries across the world are preparing to reopen after months of lockdown due to the global pandemic, businesses worldwide are pressed for ways to make up for losses during months of inactivity.

Press Releases


  • Tien-Kung III (Sky Bow III) Surface-to-Air Missile System

    Tien-Kung III (TK III) surface-to-air missile (SAM) system is indigenously developed by Taiwan-based National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) to increase the air defence capabilities of Taiwan’s armed forces.

Products & services

  • FM08 – 8in Vehicle Mount Computer

    The FM08 and FM10 share the same system and docking modules, only differing in screen size and keypad display. The FM08 allows flexible navigation via the GFG resistive touch screen, readily accessible programmable function keys, and separate QWERTY and numeric keypads.

  • G-Win Series for Rugged Environments

    Winmate's line of rugged computing extends the range of rugged panel PC and ultra rugged Tablet PC with a compact design that can stand up to extreme abuse while delivering high performance.

  • M9020 Series

    The M9020 is unlike any other tablet as it's designed to withstand the most challenging of work environments while helping your team get their job done safely and efficiently.

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