Gaptek was created to cover the gap between traditional construction and large and light demountable structures with structural characteristics adhering to CTE (Spanish Technical Building Code), Eurocode and Nato regulations.

Hangars, industrial warehouses and modular buildings

Gaptek specialises in manufacturing hangars, industrial warehouses, modular buildings and large span singular structures. Our line of work includes design, engineering, production, installation, maintenance and, above all, integral management. All of our processes and structures are energy-efficient and sustainable, and incorporate cutting-edge technology and materials.

Our main technological capabilities are comprehensive management of supply foldout energy, efficient building, own design and engineering delivery capabilities worldwide, and supervision in the assembly and training of military material.

All Gaptek products are mountable, foldout and storable in 20ft ISO containers. The buildings are composed of easily assembled parts that do not require screws. The main benefits of Gaptek products include the speed of delivery, mounting, demounting and easy relocation.

The C295 hangar can be easily assembled and dismounted, and meets all military standards.
The A400 hangar is versatile enough to be used in any environment to house planes.
Our 30 years of experience in modular architecture and manufacture enables us to create advanced structures for deployed military units worldwide.

Foldout structures

Gaptek has more than 30 years of experience in the design and construction of structures, and constantly strives to incorporate new materials, innovations and environmentally sustainable elements in our work. As a result, we have grown to become a reliable supplier of foldout structures in the defence industry, with a selection of our main products being:

  • Foldout hangar A400-M-GRENNMAR Project for the army
  • Foldout hangar HD21 for Afganistan forces
  • Foldout logistic warehouse for Rota base
  • Foldout habitable sections

Modular hangars

We have extensive experience in air-transportable hangars, enabling us to create products that exceed military standards.

Our product range includes hangars (12m – 25m) for jet fighters, helicopters, tanks (25m – 40m) light cargo planes and (40m – 90m) heavy cargo planes.

By using two-tone, reversible, advanced fabrics Gaptek hangars can be adapted to any environment, including those that require greater insulation. They are easy to assemble and dismantle, making them an ideal solution for military operations on the move.

Warehouses for military operations

Military forces have changed over the years according to the introduction of new technologies, changing environments and defence strategies. As a result it is essential that the military is provided with products that support and adapt to these changes.

Gaptek’s military warehouses are a durable, sustainable and adaptable choice for light vehicles, workshops, military dining areas and multi-use facilities.

In addition to warehouses, Gaptek also manufactures deployable buildings for drop-down bases, operations, sanitary applications and dormitories. All Gaptek military structures possess the following characteristics:

  • Modular
  • Mountable / dismountable
  • Rapidly deployed
  • Transportable (20ft containers)
  • Adhering to Eurocode Nato regulations
  • Structure completely recyclable
  • High energy efficiency